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In cooperation with Pilatus Center Canada Inc., Private Air Inc. offers you a unique aircraft management program for the operation of your aircraft*. The Private Air management philosophy focuses on customer safety and blue-chip service. If you fly privately, you can "charter" an aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis or make substantial deposits with these restrictive "Jet Card" or "Fractional" programs.

It'?s a perspective.

Even your view of the times is different. and there'?s no amount you can afford in the world to be wasting. Make travelling with your own airplane a secure, vibrant, enjoyable and hassle-free adventure while preserving the confidence and private sphere of our clients. Employees are always stress-free and happy with the way they interact.

Hops cotch air - Operate a secure, luxury private aircraft and prevent the stresses and strains associated with passenger air travel.

There are private air services available throughout the Northeast, Central Atlantic, Ontario and Quebec. We' ll find you at an aerodrome near your home or offices and take you to one of the hundred aerodromes that airline companies do not cater to. Booking the plane. Flying confidently in the knowledge that our extremely skilled flyers have accumulated tens of thousand flying lessons, you'll experience our strict FAA accredited pilot certification programme.

Deluxe flight charter

Increased services were available, which differed markedly from the remainder of the private jets population. Beginning with the smallest detail, such as heat - and cool towels on board, via catering skilled cabins personnel up to the included menu services with classical delicacies of the locals. How about... this national Wi-Fi services for businesses and recreation, real 24-hour contextual services with a range of offers for air charters, land transport and luxurious treatments?

FUGA keys. The FUGA Air Charter frees you from the unworthiness of business trips. It is our goal to offer you a state-of-the-art flight experience. FUGA's focus is on providing you with uncompromising security and dependability while protecting your private life. They are all supplied with the best services in the general aviation world.

With FUGA Air Charter you can get where you want, when you want, with the plane that's right for your particular business and your specific budgets. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed during the processing of every customer inquiry and the following charters. Fuga Airarter Advisor will answer all your phone 24/7/365.

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