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If you are from abroad, please dial: 1 - your name, 2 mobile number used during your journey, 3 - departure adress, 1 - your name, 2 - collection adress, 3 - telephone number, 1 - name, 2 - departure adress, 3 - departure date and hour. 1 Your name, 2 telephone numbers, 3 pick-up addresses, luxury MPV bus services, 6-seater MPV services, offering your guests or yourself the Business Class services.

Drivers available for the use of the days or several hour, in Paris and outside Paris. Large space and safety for each of your families. We fit infant seat on request. Tour Paris.... your own timetable.

Airport transfer to Paris City and Disneyland

Same BookTaxi services you already know and rely on are also available in Paris! Book your shuttle in front of the hotel and be sure that you will have a trip! Prevent any stressful situations on your way to Paris: Booking Taxi Paris Drivers will wait for you in the lobby and hold a plate with your name.

Eliminate all queues for taxi drivers at the Paris International Taxi Station; our drivers will take you directly to your destinations in downtown Paris or Disneyland Paris. Journey comfortable and safe with our service, for an memorable journey to Paris! Departure to Paris with all the comforts; make your transfers on-line and your chauffeur will be waiting for you in the reception desk or in front of your home in order to get you to the Paris on time.

Serves Paris city centre, Paris Charles de Gaulle de Paris International Airports (CDG), Beauvais-Tillé Airports (BVA), Paris Orly Airports (ORY), Disneyland Paris and the Paris suburbs. Booking your trip to and from the airports in advance is a stress-free way to travel. Convenient door-to-door transfers from anywhere in the Paris region. Less expensive than Parisian taxi company.

Come and see the town on your own. We are available where and when you need us, for the period you need us. The Paris airport transfer is stress-free: In case your flights are late, we will postpone your pick-up without extra cost. Drivers will be waiting for you 1 hours after you land. What am I going to do in Paris?

When your target postal code begins with 75, just choose "downtown Paris" and enter the name of the hostel or your postal code in the field below. When you fly to Paris or leave the capital by air, the ticket number is mandatory.

Use it to know which terminals to pick you up to, to confirm your arrivals date or to confirm where we can pick you up at the airports. In case of a problem, the only way we can get in touch with you is by using the telephone number indicated on the reservation request page; please make sure that your number is accurate and add your own prefix, as we will do this from Paris if you do.

What is the journey time from Paris International to downtown and/or Disneyland? It takes about 35-40 min. from Charles de Gaulle International Port to the town and from Orly Airport to the town center (postcodes from 75). It is 1 hr and 15 min from the BVA (Beauvais-Tillé) Aiport. It is 40-45 min from Charles de Gaulle International Airports and Orlé Airports to Disneyland Parks and Hotel; 1 hr 25 min from BVA Aiport.

How is the proposed pick-up period from the urban hostels to the international base? Because of the heavy travel, we recommend leaving the center 3hrs prior to your scheduled departures for CDG and Orly and 3.5hrs prior to your scheduled departures for BVA. If you have reserved a personal transport bus, i.e. you have your own car (private transfer) for the journey between the international airport and your own car, without anyone else being in the same car and without a stopover.

At present, the joint transport is not available at any Paris airports. Where can I find my rider? You will be met by your chauffeur in the arrival lounge after baggage reclaim/passport control; he will be holding a nameplate with your name on it. When departing from the Paris airports, the chauffeur will pick you up at the front desk of the hotels or, in the case of personal accommodation, at the location indicated on your booking request.

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