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The Maxi Booking is a direct booking engine for hotels. Put a booking engine on your website and you will see the potential of your sales. Ask now to book Maxi Priest.

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Everybody is dreaming of a hotelier that is booming and thriving every passing day. Every time. Unfortunately, not all of these companies are able to achieve these levels of performance because their reservations do not meet the requirements. Because we know it's the best way to not only attract your clients, but also boost sales, we concentrate on your webcase.

What is best about our motor is that we not only make promise, but also create and deliver according to your wishes and your group. - Our designers use your colour scheme and layout so that the booking machine for the accommodation doesn't look any different. Some of the things that all hoteliers are afraid of is a complicated and bewildering on-line booking application that makes no sense to them.

Although we are fully dedicated to highlighting your company and everything that makes it special, we pledge to keep it as easy as possible. In a few words, we transform your website visitors into real hotels and that's how it's done. - Our booking system supports you in the administration and organization of a multitude of additional benefits such as linen, transfers to and from the airports.

  • Our booking system is very easy and user-friendly, so no instruction is required. - Our softwares help you to categorise rooms according to type, price, availabilities etc. so that there is no confusion when booking. - Our on-line system is a complicated, free 2-step booking procedure, i.e. you do not have to go through the 5-6 stages like most other booking websites.
  • Our assurance is that your booking will almost be doubled in comparison to the actual one you are using. There is a single booking system with several booking methods to help you conserve your precious resources, saving your precious resources. If we say that we will meet all your requirements for your booking, we will keep and enforce that pledge.

Evidence of blancmange lies in our ability to Dynamic Pricing, which is specifically geared to increasing your earnings. - The system ensures that the information collected with SSL encoding makes the payment methods of the card trustworthy and creates the vouchers quickly when confirming the booking. - It is also integrated with the CRS (Central Booking System), GDS/IDS channel management and GDS/IDS channel management to provide you with managed and fair prices.

  • There is no need for you to manually perform a booking or change when new bookings are made, as everything is refreshed instantly. - Our on-line booking system ensures that you have at least 4 to 5 of 100 guests as booking clients. That means that if you are a resorts hotels you will be booking at least 27 roomnights, and if you are a town hotels you will be booking 14 roomnights!
  • The booking system is Google search engine ( Google search engine ) which leads to higher exchange rate for you! Our company is considered to be the best system for reserving hotels, because we believe in giving your operation a new level of profitability. Contrary to most of our competition who have softwares just to make a living, we make sure we help you make your dream come true for the hotels you've worked so hard for.

Our unique features help you to make savings and make you even more convinced of our performance and capabilities. - Our customization is fully configurable for you. That means that not only your style, but also your web address and your name will be considered. This has the advantage that a user is directed to the booking page; he thinks he is still on your website.

  • Our multi-property capability allows your clients to use the same room searching engine to find rooms in other properties in your group. - The sister function allows your guest to select a room from your other room if no room is available in the room they chose in the same query.
  • The intelligent booking machine suggests other booking data to the client if the rooms for the selected appointments are out of stock.

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