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E-mail locally owned and operated by Fairbanks Taxi Services, LLC. Data add for Fairbanks, AK. Get instructions, ratings and information for Pioneer Taxi Service in Fairbanks, AK. Fairbanks taxi services, AK. Drive to Fairbanks International Airport (FAI), local restaurants, bars, hotels and convention centres.

Ave Fairbanks Pioneer Taxi Service 183 32nd, AK Taxis

Our proprietor, Robert, was our own private rider and he was very obliging and even served as our travel leader. Our cabin is dependable, obliging and always on schedule. He pretended to be our taxi and we had to tell him three times which room we were at.

Well, we had a great ride with Robert at Pioneer Taxi. During our sojourn in Fairbanks we used it several places. and he was always............................................

Getting around Fairbanks

FAIRBANS has the credentials to be a starting point for adventures. Work in Fairbanks for a single seasons opens up all kinds of opportunities to discover living in Alaska. However, Fairbanks is around the car, so if you get there without one, you have to be imaginative about how you move.

Accessible by urban transport, the system connects the city centre with shops and the campus, making it a good option for day-to-day needs. Bonuses: There is a free RouteShout application to keep tabs on where the busses are on each journey in Real Life and when the next buss will be arriving at your stop (or view the on-line maps in Live Life).

Call a cab. If it'?s about comfort, a cab could take over the pie. You might never have imagined a taxi so far away in the northern hemisphere, but Fairbanks has taxis like any other town. A taxi is the best choice if you have to go to a certain place at a certain hour and the coach does not run.

The Arctic Taxi (907-455-0000) is a favourite one. A further possibility is the publication on the Craigslist Fairbanks carpooling page. Whether you're thinking up a full days out - or longer off the trodden paths - Fairbanks is home to several landlords who will help you get started. Take advantage of a coach or shuttles. No matter whether you are interested in visiting a bakery for smoked fish or a goldmine, many of the Fairbanks and beyond sights can be accessed by a convenient touristic shuttles.

The Airlink shuttles to many places, while the Interior Alaska bus line runs from Fairbanks to Delta Junction, Tok, Palmer, Anchorage and Northway. In addition, many of the city' s landmarks - such as Chena Hot Springs - have their own shuttles, as they know that many tourists are dependent on transportation after arriving in the state.

While Fairbanks is certainly not known for its popular transport, this does not mean that you will not be able to move. Fairbanks without your own car is a perfect place for a holiday outing.

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