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Taxi License

Be in possession of a current class D driving licence issued by the State of Iowa. Taxis are required to drive with taxi plates. The DFHV processes applicants for taxi and/or sedan or limousine operating licences.

City of New York taxi driver's license.

They can inform themselves and request or extend a taxi driving licence. In order to travel in the city, you must have a taxi driver's license: When you first submit your application, you must also have a driver's license or a New York State A, B, C or D category license from the Department of Motor Vehicles, or an equivalent certificate from another state.

Drivers of non-New York State Department of Motor Vehicles licences must present a certificate of fitness for the journey from their state no later than 90 calendar days prior to submission of the request.

Taxicab Driving Licence

In order to obtain a taxi license, the following is required: Be in possession of a valid driving licence of category D from the State of Iowa. Get a motion from the town clerk. Driving tests are carried out by the Tourist Office for each person before the request is approved. In order to obtain a criminal investigation from the Department of Criminal Investigation, the Secretary of the Municipality shall support the petitioner with the costs incurred by the petitioner for the investigation.

Applicants must not have been sentenced for a criminal offence or offence, morality or sexually abusive conduct within the last 5 years or by more than one Official Journal of the European Union (OWI) within 3 years, or for a road traffic offence leading to the suspended driving licence within 3 years.

Charleston, SC - Offizielle Website

A taxi or sedan operator who does not serve the taxi or sedan requires a certificate of public comfort and necessity before operating a taxi or sedan. A taxi cabin or sedan proprietor who will also run the taxi cabin or sedan will require both a certificate of public expediency and necessity and a driving licence before commencing his taxi or sedan service.

Taxi operator A taxi cab is a car fitted for the carriage of fewer than 15 persons, used for the rental of persons, having a Class C taxi certificate of the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff, used on call or request on any local roads, streets or motorways in the city of Charleston, and which rents, accepts or requests persons to travel at random between points along a particular type of roads, streets or motorways which are carried by the person concerned as he or she wishes, and the payment for which is based on the number of journeys per day of travel, and which is used for the rental of persons, has a Class C taxi certificate of the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff and is used on request or on every local roads, streets or motorways in the city of Charleston.

Taxis are necessary to drive with taxi license number. Chauffeur Operator A Chauffeur is a car that can transport up to 15 persons, that is engaged in the carriage of hired persons, that has a Class C charter certificate from the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff, that will accept a passenger only on a prearranged base, the rate of which is set on an per hour fee per passenger only.

Sedans are necessary for operation with sedan license plate. A low velocity craft is a four wheel drive with the exception of an off-road craft whose achievable mileage is more than 20 km/h and not more than 25 km/h on a firm flat ground and whose total craft mass is less than 3,000 lbs.

Before a taxi or sedan can be put into service in the town of Charleston, it must be approved by the Town Transport Committee for use in or on the town' s highways. Complet and file an application for an official certificate of public utility and necessity with the Transport and Traffic Department.

Transport and Communications shall examine the proposal and either accept or reject it and inform the proposer. Proposals that have been accepted will be placed on the agendas of the next Transport Ministry commission session for examination. In the case of an authorisation, the owner/operator must obtain the non-profit and emergency seal certification.

This sticker must be affixed to the back window of any car registered in accordance with the Attestation of Ordre Rechnungs für öffentliche Ordnung und Notwendigkeit before the car is used in the town. Every owner or owner transfer of a taxi or sedan shall withdraw every attestation of suitability and need for official use previously issued for the purpose of running such a taxi or sedan with the exception that such attestations may be transferred, with the consent of the Traffic and Transport Manager, to any undertaking or person who at that moment possesses other attestations of suitability and need for official use.

Changing hands is considered to have taken place in excess of other commonly used means when the owners of a taxi or sedan have leased it to a third party under a rental agreement or other agreement, and that third party has the right to obtain at any time property in the taxi or other thing of value against cash or other compensation.

Nobody is allowed to take a taxi or sedan within the town without a taxi authorization and/or a driver's license of the police. Fill in the originals of taxi and drivers licence applications and hand them in to the administrative department of the police department: Taxiicab Meter Until 30 June 2011, all fees for the taxi cab services will be charged according to either taxi parameter sets or a lump sum.

To check the max. permissible tariffs, please contact the City of Charleston Vehicles for Hire Ordinance - see section 31. Congratulations & Complaints To submit a Congratulation or Claim about the taxi or sedan services you have been given, please e-mail your comment to the city's Life Insurance Department.

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