Maxi Taxi Passenger Limit

Maximum taxi passenger limit

Has the Maxitaxi the same tariffs as the regular taxis? Restrictions on passengers taking a taxi - Sydney Forum Will there be any problem if we took a taxi, as if our little ones had to use a high chair or something? Could he go in a taxi and sit on my belly? The maximum number of taxi riders in a regular taxi is 4, so I think you have to take a maxi taxi to take a child safety harness with you. In any case, I wouldn't leave a child on my knee, not in any kind of vehicle under any circumstance.

When you don't have your own, some cabs have them, but you'll probably need to reserve a taxi to make sure you get one with a car seat/child safety lock. In addition, you will probably need a Maxitaxi with 5 of you, as there won't be enough places for all of you in a normal taxi.

I' d think that with the 5 of you (assuming 1 case each), you would need at least one TaraGo, as the 5-seater limousines and cars have significantly decreased the baggage compartments through guestanks.

In fact, it is unlawful to have a kid on your knee while driving in a car (front or back seat) and must be in a car seat that is suitable for your height, etc. Taxi riders should know suggests if you want a taxi, make a booking on-line or over the telephone and guess that you are 5 years old, and hopefully the corresponding taxi will be there.

Here are some numbers for some taxi businesses; thanks to all of you for the useful answers. Only to let you know I'm using the right seat and shackles for my kids in my drive. Some of the cabs in Sydney I didn't know were fitted with baby seat, which is very soothing.

Has the Maxitaxi the same tariffs as the normal taxi?

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