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Charter private jets Moscow

With Russia's further growth, the demand for private aviation to and from its capital is also growing. Privatjet Charter Moscow| Russia As majestic and impressive as the Moskova - the stream that flows through it - Moscow is a historical town. In the Kremlin and on Red Square in the Old Town, you can see the architectonic strength of the town from the time of the Tsars. Visit Tverskaya St., Moscow's main boulevard, the indisputable Russia's shop window for fashions and luxuries.

Café Pushkin is a great place to eat in an authentically set environment that takes you back directly to Tsar Russia.

Moscow Airport

Having more than 7,000 planes in service around the world, no single plane is too small or too large to be handled. You have the choice between Citation, Hawker, Lear, Falcon, Challenger, Gulfstream, Global Express, Boeing Business Jet and even Jumbo Jet. Please do not hesitate to call our customer support representatives to arrange your next Jet Charter flight in Moscow.

With our on-demand jet charter services in Moscow, you can leave whenever you want and with the jet you want. Organize your trips from Moscow according to your own timetable. With many years of experience in the business, our specialists ensure that you fly the right plane for your particular needs.

Do you need to organize your trip according to your own itinerary? Coporate Jet Charter allows you to fly whenever you want and avoids connection flight and waste.

Jet Charter Moscow Information

Situated on the Moskva River, the historical Russian and former USSR capitals of the Cold War have become an important economical, politic and culture centre. Moscow is the Russian finance centre and the seat of the major Russian banking centres and enterprises. Among the most important industrial sectors of the Moscow metropolis are foodstuffs, textiles, power generation, chemistry and computer engineering. Moscow is also one of the most precious scientific research centres in Russia and the seat of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as many other research and scientific facilities.

Muscovy has one of the most rich and interesting stories and culture of all places in Europe. Remains of the time when the Russian Revolution and the ascent of the Soviet Union were dominated by the Russian Empire can still be seen, and you can marvel at the great architectural beauty by paying a visit to the historic Kremlin in the centre of Moscow.

The Kremlin was once home to the king's buildings and later to the king, but is now a vast stronghold of temples, buildings and galleries. Right next to the Kremlin is the Red Square, where you can see Moscow's most popular symbol. St. Basil's Cathedral, with its colorful, bellied towers and elaborate furnishings, now functions as a museum: as home to some of the world's most renowned symphonies, performers and venues, Moscow cannot be visited without paying a tour to its various culture institutions:

Take the Moscow's historical subway, which is recognised as the city's emblem due to the comprehensive equipment and outstanding architectural design of all 185 wonderfully decorated terminal buildings, and take the subway to Pushkin Square in the Tverskoy district in the centre of Moscow. The Pushkin Monument provides a relaxed open-air sight-seeing adventure where you can feeder the doves or take a quilt and unwind with a books, as well as two of the most flamboyant retail centres in the world:

GUM, which is situated on Red Square, and Aviapark, a six-storey commercial centre in Moscow's airport district. This is the second biggest commercial centre in Europe. Private Airfare increases your travelling experiences and allows you to fly with styles and comforts that are not possible with alternate modes of transportation. Contact a Stratos Airline Advisor to organise your private charter flights, take the hassle out of travelling.

Enjoy a comfortable and private flight in your own private jet stateroom, fitted with a very skilled team.

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