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The taxi tariffs are based on the current Helsinki taxi tariffs. Finland has established the taxi tariff in a regional regulation. Airport transfer Helsinki: reliable and cheap taxi service in Helsinki, to and from Helsinki airports, Helsinki city centre and any address in Helsinki.

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This means that taxi fares are also available in the countryside at the same price as in the cities, but in reality the top price is also the lowest price. A taxi officially measured can be recognised by the signs on the rooftop. There will be the text TAXI or sometimes TAXI.

Sometimes you may come across a car that offers "taxi rides", but the driver breaks the rules and charges you for whatever they want. A taxi used to always be a 5-seater Mercedes Benz limousine, but today you can see a larger selection of makes and models, among them estate and van models.

Delivery trucks often have specific equipment for wheelchair transport, but anyone can rent them, even if a single driver feels a little silly. In contrast to some other jurisdictions, you do not mark removal taxes, but rent them from taxi ranks marked with a green TACSI plate or call the nearest number.

An additional charge will be made for pre-orders via the Call Center. Some cities, such as Helsinki, have a call center provider who will provide you with the taxi's ID number. It can be seen on the rooftop signs of Tacsi, and it is useful when several cabs are almost simultaneously arriving at a nearby resort or branch.

Kilometre fares are more costly for large numbers of people. For the calculation of the ticket price, two minors under the age of 12 are considered as a sole traveller. Also there is a time-based fee that is charged when a taxi is waiting for the client or moving very slow in transport.

Drivers must restart the counter when the taxi reaches the starting point specified by the client. Taxi drivers may not deny access to places that may be uncomfortable for the drivers. They are in good shape and are quite well fitted, even though they are not part of the norm for privately owned vehicles, and include climate control.

Probably a taxi will also have a built-in navigation system. Taxi cabs have safety camera systems that take pictures of occupants because in the past there were gory assaults on taxi riders, which also influenced the preferences for credit cards. The Finnish Taxi Owners Association has a shortened information page in English at http://www.taksiliitto. fi/in_english/ .

There is a hyperlink to the taxi call center numbers list in various communities across the state. http://taksilaskuri. fi provides a Google Maps built-in taxi rate planer.

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