Cheapest Jet to Operate

The cheapest jet to operate

A membership model is used by the company: And the cheapest jet that can be operated is the new Cirrus Vision Jet. Economical medium-sized jet for operation With the new $23.9 million Cessna Citation Longitude super-medium class, Textron Aviation's objective is to provide a more effective and cost effective solution instead of integrating all the latest bell and pipe designs. This new Cessna, which expects to be certified this year, combines a new cell with three proven technologys-the Honeywell HTF 7000 turboprop, the Garmin G5000 touch-screen electronics system and a patented cordless cab control system.

This Cessna is anxious to beat the rivals in an important area: It' per hours operational cost, mainly from gasoline and servicing, is estimated to be under $2,000 per hours. This is really amazing if Cessna can supply that number, as most rivals have running hours that are 25% higher.

It also changes the way it actually constructs airplanes by avoiding the industrial standard of using many sub-assemblies and connectors, most of which are handcrafted, and instead choosing robots and ergonomic "friendly" tool stops that are cost effective and achieve higher construction accuracy. Instead of relying on a fully digitized fly-by-wire system for its control systems, for example, Cessna has opted for a restricted system that only operates the control surface, air deflectors and brake.

This also avoids the more advanced dashboard side sticks in favour of the conventional steering arms at the pilots' heights. It will also be fitted with the LinxUs on-board diagnostics system, which provides real-time surveillance and in-flight service support as well as more user-friendly service entry points than previous modelsĀ .

Aeroplanes can also take longer between inspections - 800 h or 18 month for a first "A" test, which is the first and easiest four-stage service control, ranging from a sight test for damages to checking the presence of critical nitrogen in the air. The longitude maintains the characteristic appeal of the quotes - the capacity to use brief squares.

In Cessna, the fact is that a less expensive and less expensive Citation, which has an aircraft with the latest technologies, will gain the upper hand in overcrowded SMEs. Since 1972, more than 7,000 Cessna citations have been mailed.

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