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Produce POS-style receipts on the go, directly on your mobile phone. Receipt Maker & Receipt Template Tool. Make your own custom receipts.

Bill maker - Billdu in the App Store

Generate, mail or print attractive, pro-quality bills, offers and orders in seconds. The system is extremly simple to use and can save a great deal of valuable work. The Billdu bill templates are clear, enjoyable and instructive. Immediately after completion of the work, make out an account. With one click you can generate a PDF document and immediately submit it to your customer.

Immediately start printing an account with the printing feature. You' re not up for a bill? Submit a quotation with your offer as PDF to your client and generate a simple bill from an offer - with one click. Scan invoices and track costs is now simple.

Voucher readers and expenses managers are the right tool to keep an overview of your expenses and make your corporate accounts transparent at first sight. Administer your organization from your portable device or use the sophisticated web app from your desktop to monitor your current account balances in near real-time.

A bill can also be made out and read without an access to the web. -Billdu Company Page - your intelligent calling card: Build your own website in just a few easy clicks and win new customers. Billdu as a bill creator, link your on-line store with - - - Billdu and generate automated orders and bills.

With no more red tape and typing errors, just connect your bank with your accountant's, it's simple and effective. - Client reviews by bill and immediate feedback: Enter and get reviews about an Invoice or Quote. A stunning bill is just a click away. However, we have two stores that we would like to bring to market, and it seems that we are not able to continue adding our second store, so we have to go back to the preferences and refresh our e-mail addresses every single use.

We also run a Radon reduction firm and craftsman work. However, it works well with our Radon Reduction firm as we do the purchase of the material that need to be list. I' ve awarded 4 star because it is an outstanding app with so many possibilities for our customers and us, but does not fit the needs of our other business and cannot be added as another business.

I used a kind of spreadsheet (Smart Office) in the past that I changed as a fast solution. This is recommended to anyone who creates portable bills. Billdu Ltd. copyrights © Billdu Ltd.

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