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Amber Taxi's latest tweets (@AmberTaxi). Ambertaxi 2710 Del Prado Blvd S Unit 2-265, Cape Coral, FL 33904 Well, I shouted for a drive to work, well in ahead of schedule. So, our client services were 0 out of 10. Because of her unreliable nature, Amber Taxi brought me to work too late. Amber Taxi?

Then later that night I phoned and asked to talk to the proprietor about how unhappy I was just to get said that he wasn't in condition, I thought it was fun because he had just been visiting her that morning and returned to his Amber Taxi shop, so his staff are lying for him so he doesn't have to work.

Plan a taxi day in advance to drive to the nearest taxi station. Cab arriving A/C did not work the chauffeur said to me. Taxi cabbie' is terrible. James is the baddest, a manly, whitish, fat, roguish swine face who is roguish enough to put a garbage compactor in front of my flat once in a while to see if I'd come and get it so he knows I'm not home.

Early in the morning my taxi drove, the dispatchers were kind and supportive, the taxi drivers were kind and the vans were neat. They were still with me early and I phoned them at the last moment (just one lesson before)! All I wanted to do was to draw your to my knowledge that my services were not satisfactory. After a pickup period I shouted and was not collected at this point.

Tell the dispatcher I had to make a stop and then to the final stop. telling the chauffeur I have to make a stop to get my kids and then to the final stop. We' ll get to my stop and I'll come get my kids. Taxi chauffeur is telling me I need a ride for my five-year-old.

At no point was I ever informed that I needed a ride in a wreck. Didn't know I needed a cab seat for a cab. Payed $15 and I didn't even get the services I asked for. Had I been consulted during my call or had I informed the chauffeur, I would not have sent for a taxi.

Nor was I told that my taxi would be too late till I phoned and asked where they were. The driver was impolite driven without consideration for the security of any passenger or other driver on the street also indicated bulls not measswith us they know us very well. Please use this taxi if there are no other possibilities!

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