Minivan Cab

Mini van cabin

Cheap Van Taxi vs. Uber XL: A Compare Costs It' generally known that Uber XL is less expensive than a conventional light cab in most towns, but if you travel with a bigger group, should you take a Uber XL or a van with you? What's cheap, about XL or a minivan cabin? First of all, what's a van cab?

However, instead of a limousine that only seats up to 4 persons, the minivan can accommodate up to 5 or 6 persons. About XL is about Uber model of a truck taxis, about XL is also about a minivan with space for up to 6 persons.

As the two are similar in terms of how many passengers they can carry, we wanted to see which one would be less expensive. Please be aware that in most towns van cabs have the same prices as limousine cabs, so for our comparisons we use our classic cab pricing estimate to match them with over XLs.

Remark: Some towns calculate a per capita supplement for each passanger after the first one. Usually this supplement per capita does not top $1 per capita, so the amount is quite small, but since Uber XL does not calculate a per capita rate, it is important to keep in mind. Our first settlement was in New York City from Grand Central Station to Lower Manhattan and Taxi (just like Taxi Van) was less expensive.

You can see below that the estimate for a Vantaxi for this journey is $17.21 vs. XL, which is $20.43 plus the cost upside. On longer distances, these two rates would only diverge further, as over XL's measured mileage charge is more than a cab of normal truck taxis.

Once again, traditional taxis were about $3 less expensive than Uber XL, and keep in mind that this happened without any price increases that Uber could always use. Finally, we likened Van Taxis and Uber XL in Chicago, Seattle and Detroit and every TAXI won Uber XL.

Although we found out in Miami and San Francisco that Uber XL is actually less expensive than a Vantaxi!

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