Overseas Flight Specials

Specials for Overseas Flights

Some of the best international flight deals are not always the lowest prices you'll see on low cost airlines. We have compiled weekend flight offers from Johannesburg to Europe for you. Are you looking for the best deals on cheap international flights from South Africa?

Discount international flights & travel vouchers 2015

It is usually worth booking well in advance, but sometimes last-minute flight are the least expensive. As a rule, multinational carriers make reservations one year before their flight. Send us an e-mail with the description of an unforgettable flight and we will give you a gift certificate to save on the cost of your next flight.

The best fares on our domestic and foreign routes. Get a taste of the Big Apple with cheap New York departures from only R8.877*! Follow in the tracks of some of your favorite movies personalities and relive some of the most famous pages for yourself with this unbelievably accessible Etihad flight that lets you spend more money on this Sex & City buying instant.

There was a very low level of uptime when we last reviewed fares, so please browse the links to see if the fares displayed have varied. Please be aware that the below listed rates may have been subject to change. Do I plan to fly from Johannesburg to London on 16 November 2014 and return on 23 November 2014?

Best fare I could find was R8,987* with Emirates. From Johannesburg to New York, it was cheaper to travel with Emirates via Dubai. Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad often provide the lowest fares, although you first have to stop in the Middle East (Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi).

Due to the tough competitive environment it is sometimes less expensive to travel via London to Europe and the USA (and if you continue to Europe, Ryanair and EasyJet provide low cost connecting flights). From Nelspruit and Johannesburg FS flight to Vilanculos. The one-time carrier now operates services from Johannesburg to Maputo (Mozambique), Zanzibar (Tanzania) and Livingstone (Zambia, next to the Victoria Falls).

Dinner on intercontinental services varies greatly depending on the airlines, flight duration and ticketing category. A low fare carriers flight, such as a one-way flight from Johannesburg to Livingstone, requires you to buy your own meal. You can choose your meal according to your nutritional needs (e.g. vegetable, lactose-free, low-sodium) on a long-haul flight with a renowned air company (such as Emirates).

Standards and choices of food for firstclass passengers are far better than for business travel. On a flight in the Emirates, the first-class menus can consist of coctails, cannap├ęs, caviar, Arab dish, mandarin fowl, lettuce, soup, stewed veal, steamed turkey, iced turkey, eggplant flap, vegetable, balm, strawberry cheese cake, an internation cheese board, fruits, drinks and candy.

Prophylaxis is better than healing, so don one-way face packs, use your wrist sterile, take a dose of influenza before you go, move around and buy a place in your car in order to make sure you find your way to work. Climb into the right flight - only make it to the right flight at nights if you are able to get some rest.

Mystery is to get into the right state of mind--imagine the flight as a way to accomplish chores without distraction: Try to prevent films from being watched before the flight so that you have to be careful when you fly - films cost a great deal of your flight hours. Route yourself before, after and as often as possible during the flight.

There is a cocktail of diseases hovering in the aerial system of a typically cosmopolitan flight. Take plenty of fluids to hydrate yourself - you'd be amazed how arid the atmosphere is on these trips. R700 is the maximum level for cabin crews. More and more travelers are taking laptop computers, smart phones and tables overseas and using mobile messaging solutions.

While many travelers believe that a WhatsApp messaging is the least expensive, they forgot to consider that mobile carriers bill at least 25 kbits while using only one kbit database. Hopefully you now have all the information you need to make a great deal on an affordable flight (using the flight booking tools at the top of this page).

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