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To complete the invoice payment transaction, follow the voice-activated instructions. Find out how to set up Spectrum Auto-Pay online. You can get a fast, reliable, high-speed Internet service at an affordable price while this online offering still exists. Many people did not have to pay bills before the Internet. All my bills are paid including charter with online banking from my credit cooperative.


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The Internet speed may differ depending on your site. It' bundled at $89.97/mo. The qualified package comprises Charter Spectrum TV Select, Charter Spectrum Internet with 60 Mbit/s and higher and Charter Spectrum Voice. Television Supplies Necessary & Needed Separately; Charter Spectrum Modems Necessary & Needed Incorporated; Telephone Tax, Charges & Charges Incorporated; Other Devices, Installations, Tax, Charges & Charges May Be Incurred.

In order to be eligible to order a contracted purchase programme and to receive a qualified Triple Play offer for new customers or to receive a restricted Triple Play offer (Note offerings are not available in all areas). Prerequisite for participation in the Contacts Callout Programme is a copy of the closing invoice of the former supplier with clearly identified and filled out prepayment penalties in supplement to the "Charter Agreement buyout form".

Once the form is completed and authorization is verified, a cheque for the amount of your current provider's prepayment penalty will be sent to your charter services office on your closing invoice (maximum $200). Purchase agreement form must be submitted to Charter within 60 business day after Charter Triple Play is installed or 2 business week after the date stated on the Competitor's closing invoice, whichever is later.

You can find the contract purchase application at 2017 Charter Communications, Inc. Special promotions are only available for a restricted period of qualified private clients who have not signed up for such a service within the last 30 calendar Days and have no pending charter obligations. Television gear needed & optional; Charter Internet Modems needed & priced in; Telephone charges, dues & charges priced in; Other devices, installations, charges, tax & charges may be incurred.

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