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Find out about the latest flight offers for domestic flights booked for travel within India. You can save even more if you search for the cheapest month or sign up for price alerts. domandic flight rates new reduced price from the ETT website - Ethiopia Forum

Athiopian Airlines has reported a further price increase following the November 1 increase. Now they have withdrawn and are offering rebates to those who come in and out of the land on an Ethiopian flight. For the most up-to-date rates on the majority of scheduled touristic services, visit the ETT Ethiotravelandtours website.

Do not know in person how you get these prizes in terms of purchasing in the land by receiving from your closest ethiopian bureau. Be careful not to get them from the ETHIOPI website, IF the domestic price there is the same as on the ETT website! There' s mention here in the papers of a drive to lower the price of hotels, but I will believe that when it happens .....

As far as I can see, we have essentially returned to the price level of 31 October last year. NOT booking through the website of ethiopian carriers. This is the price you have to owe if you travel with another carrier. When you come on etiopian flight and ticketing companies, i.e. booking you do not say through a code share carrier........ you get the lower rates as on the ETT website, as per tie in my first posting on this threads. why am I looking on the officials website and there is no flight available to choose this December?

By the way, will this domestic flight have an impact on airline ticket to Djibouti? Ensure that you are on the Ethiopian Airlines website. If LHR to OD D every flight is in December, but it is highseason, and the price goes up on December 9, about IF you get flight on that can mean that the flight is full...................try other data............

Dschibuti is not a domestic flight, it is a seperate land, therefore no rebate on ads to jai flight........ I' ve been looking for Addis to Arba Minch, there are no flight displays for the whole months, I wonder if it's too early now? On this page you can see the flight plan from the actual website with Addd to Arba Minch flight this weeks.......

So, there is no price differential now when purchasing a flight once in the UK or before on-line (if I don't arrive with Ethiopian)? Updated the Core Editorial Terms on October 31, 2013. You will ONLY get a rebate if you are using our services with your own.... Will the reduced price be the same as for Ethiopians and their people?

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