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ACS has opened a new Manhattan base, the second in New York and the second in North America. ACS has opened a new Manhattan branch, the second in New York and the second in North America. Charter brokers said they had chosen to open an in Manhattan because they had a large number of customers in the region. "We are proud of our own service and our location in the commercial area of the town has been on our roster for quite some time.

At our sector get-together, personal discussions with our customers are decisive for long-term relations. "Situated on Broadway, just a few blocks from Times Square, the new facility will be managed by seasoned Jason Brice, who has worked in both our personal jets and freight departments. "Our Long Island operations are our second biggest after our London head quarter and Jason and his staff are committed to building on our existing relationship and growing our customer bases.

Richard Thompson of the New York Air Charter Service talking to downtown

Created in 1990 by Chris Leach, Air Charter Service recognized the need for a customer-focused air charter business. Chris, the son born of a pilots, launched the Air Charter Service from the cellar of his home. Fewer than three years later, ACS annually organizes nearly 10,000 chartas with a worldwide office in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Born in England, Richard Thompson came to the ACS in 2004 as Cargo Sales Director. In February 2013, he transferred to the Executive Vice President of North America series, where he worked from the company's New York based offices. Just over a year later, Richard became President of the Americas for the group.

The city centre had the privilege of talking to Richard about not only ACS, but also about personal flights in general. Thompson: I came to ACS in 2004 and worked in the London Cargo Group. Our Chairman Chris Leach gave me the chance in January 2011 to move from Great Britain to New York and take over the post of Cargo Sales Director.

Joining our freight division, my first charter experiences were with an old Soviet freighter named Antonov-26 carrying goods for FedEx. When I saw the plane in Ostend, Belgium - where it was located - I knew that this was the right task for me. Which types of aeroplanes does the airline have?

As we do not own a large fleets of airplanes, we are not bound to a specific airplane group. Our global network has over 50,000 planes, from choppers and personal jetliners to Antonovs and Boeing 747s. With the older freighters you are in luck if there is a bath or warm running cold for a cup of cafe!

Our passenger jet page allows clients to experience all types of comfort according to plane model, such as WLAN on board, personalised food service, news centres, etc. Do you offer trips to the airports? The expertise of our experts and excellent service are what we have relied on to build the business, but now our scale provides the level of peace of mind that others find difficult to achieve.

Whose business is your company's regular client? With our service we get all areas of our lives, but we have many prominent people, often A-list, and sport celebs. Fly with a personal plane to save so much valuable personal information that high-calibre managers with planes reach more than one meetings a night or just come home for the afternoons.

Currently, we have over 80 employees in our New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and Toronto operations. Cargo, Executive Jets, Commercial Jets and Hand Carry are our distribution lines in the Americas. Our new home is New York and we are enjoying everything the town has to say.

A thing New York doesn't lack is a restaurant. Two of my latest favourites are John's Pizzeria on Bleecker - the first New York based slice I ever had - and ABC Kitchen on ABC Street for their meal, mood and great coctails. Anything that encourages others to put a personal plane on their lists?

When it is within your own personal budgets to charter a personal plane - you would be amazed - try it and I think you will be remembered how specific aviation actually is. Proud of the expertise of our agents and our outstanding client service, we are willing to help you make a lasting impression or just make your trip notable.

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