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The New York Jets arrangements

Ticket FAQ Contact a local arena expert at 800-469-JETS (5387). May I become a Jets season ticket holder? Please call a representative for jets at 800-469-JETS (5387) or ask for more information here. As a Jets season ticket holder, what do I get? Please call 800-469-JETS (5387) to talk to a Jet representative and find out about available seat availability and the advantages of season ticket ownership, or check out the advantages of season ticket ownership here.

Have Ticketmaster verify the only NFL resell passes and reissue them on your behalf with a new bar code! With immediate print-at-home on most of your passes, you can even make it at the last second. The NFL Ticketing Exchange can be visited to buy available ticketing from seasonal pass owners for the clubs we are playing throughout the year.

Where can I buy my ticket? Is there a way to pay for my ticket? May I get a ticket for a sold-out game? The NFL Ticket Exchange is the only official NFL ticket exchange accredited by the NFL where 100% of the ticket is checked by the Ticketmaster. Please go to the NFL Ticket Exchange. There'?s a family section at the stadium?

Part of our dedication to create a match day setting that satisfies the needs and desires of all our supporters, MetLife Stadium has a families area known as the non-alcoholic and foul-language department. Do kids have to have a Jets game pass? Which functions does the My Jets account offer?

With your My Jets account, you can bill, modify your details, offer your ticket for purchase, forward your ticket to a friend, acquaintance or customer, or give your ticket to a charitable organization. In order to sign up and get going, please go to My Jets account and type in your email as well as your login name. What do I do to get my ticket?

What can I do to buy my own away match or get a package? Should you be interested in obtaining Jet away match ticketing, we suggest that you contact the cashier of the hosting group. When you want to buy away games packs, you can buy them through PrimeSport, our favorite holiday mate.

Please check the PrimeSport website for all information and to purchase parcels. Your tickets show the barrier near your seating position. This can be used as a guideline for getting in and out of the arena. We also have staff at the Stadion to help you find the closest toilets, cash dispensers and stalls and take you to your area.

If I have trouble with my voucher on the match date, what should I do? When you have a ticketing issue and can't get to a match expert on the match date, you can see a cashier salesman at the MetLife South Will Call window at MetLife Gate.

When your tickets are not scanned, you loose them on your way to the arena, or you have a query about your bankroll, a sales rep can help you if you have your bankroll number, your seating and a passport with a photograph. MetLife South's MetLife Gate window displays the caller' s tickets.

To ensure that your ticket is on hold when you call, please be sure to notify the individual who left you your ticket before the match and take a picture ID with you when you pick up your ticket. Left a ticket for a boyfriend, girlfriend or customer in the call box.

How is the Jets Tickets Department situated? Jets Tickets are available at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center in Florham Park, NJ. The cash desk is open during the whole working day from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The cash desk is open all year round on Saturdays and public holiday.

Entrance to the NFL match is only possible with this pass, and only one person is entitled to attend. Date and times of the match may be changed by the NFL in accordance with its planning guidelines or as a consequence of other action or event outside the NFL's sphere of influence.

There will be no reimbursement if the person who holds the tickets does not show up. Tickets are held at the entire cost of the Cardholder, risking loss, theft, or damage to his/her belongings or injuries, arising out of or in connection with the match or related occurrences. Photos, video or other account or description (whether dates, text or images) of all or part of the match or any game-related activity generated by the Ticket Holder may only be used for your own private, non-commercial use.

Losing, stealing, scalping or forging may not be accepted. They and their property may be screened upon arrival at the venue and forbidden articles may be seized. In submitting this ticketing and upon your admission to the Stadion, you agree to these raids and renounce any related claim you may have against the NFL, its member clubs, affiliated companies or representatives.

Should you decide not to agree to these raids, you will be refused access to theadium. According to the NJ State Law there is no law for tobacco in the arena. There are no park charges included in the ticket price. Benefactors are allowed to submit ticket to the MetLife South window at the MetLife gate.

So what happens to someone who gets kicked out of a play? Every Jets pass owner who is expelled from a match will revoke their Jets pass. In the event that a non-permanent cardholder is expelled, the registered cardholder will be notified of the event by means of a written notification and will be notified that a second expulsion will result in the cancellation of his or her permanent cardholder passes.

Fans who use the NFL Ticket Exchange to buy ticket must accept the Code of Conduct before they can buy them.

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