Sri Lankan Airline Offers 2016

In 2016 Sri Lanka's airline will offer

At last book! SriLankan Airlines in Class B on the Seychelles! The SriLankan Airline is in a weird place, as far as I can tell. Put this in addition to their last year's financials where they dropped $113 million and it doesn't look good for the airline. However, until recently there were two Sri Lankan-based airline companies held by the Sri Lankan authorities, and now there is only one, so I am sure that the Sri Lankan authorities will not allow them topple.

Its other airline was Mihin Lanka and by what I think more or less run as a low-cost carriers, but without additional charges for baggage or meal etc.. However, I followed things with Mihin Lanka and SriLankan because I really wanted to complete some of my travels with them.

SriLankan offers some stunning bus fare packages from Bangkok to Mahe in the Seychelles, which I have wanted to attend for years. I wanted to make a booking for a plane back from Bangkok to the Seychelles with SriLankan and the idea was to make the booking for the Bangkok trip with bought United Points, which in my opinion should be a pretty easy one.

Up until about one to two weeks ago, the only connection from Colombo to the Seychelles was Mihin Lanka, but these connections were also offered with a Sri Lanka (UL) number. The Mihin Lanka never travelled between Colombo and Bangkok, but SriLankan did the routing and the tickets were also sold with a Mihin Lanka (MJ) number.

Mihin Lanka and SriLankan both operated exactly the same fare from Bangkok to Seychelles, but both Bangkok to Colombo and Colombo to Seychelles had to operate with the same airline numbers as a UL could not operate with an airline seat on an airline seat on an airline seat on an MJ aircraft and the other way round. Since SriLankan is a member of one world and Mihin Lanka was not, I naturally wanted to put all my trips on UL numbers so I could earn frequent flyer miles and credit states.

In March I began to check the data for my wife's thirtieth voyage, and suddenly all UL numbers between Colombo and Mahe were totally locked. Although they seemed to have been revoked, I could see that the corresponding MJ numbers were still available to be used.

Mihin Lanka, but I also offer UL numbers ), such as Colombo to Muscat. I was also checking some other itineraries that were run in the same way as Mihin Lanka. Throughout the entire schedule, every aircraft powered by MJ and sold by UL was totally unsaleable.

but I would have had to have booked everything on MJs. Because of this, and because of the whole thing that made both carriers look a little wobbly, I withheld myself to see how it developed. Then, one mornin', I looked it over and every one of the flights sold by MJ was gone for good and was substituted by a Sri Lankan run one.

Fast Google confirms that Mihin Lanka packed the store and SriLankan will be running all MJ service from 30 October 2016. So I went to see if the time had come to finish my flight, and the whole thing took another lap.

Worse tidings were that the Colombo-Mahe planes, every day all the way through the calendars, had the " I " category locked, which is the price I needed. They were afraid to block this reservation until they had a shot at the ticket price, now that there was no Mihin Lanka to rival them, but I kept monitoring availabilities in the hope that I hadn't lost my shot at our ticket bookings.

Bangkok to Colombo services have been converted to Sri Lanka's A330-300, by far the most beautiful aircraft in our Businessclass. Thai Airways had premium available from Sydney to Bangkok. Other than what I book, but with the same price it is possible to include a trip to Colombo, a short stop in Colombo, a flight from Colombo to Sydney and back via Singapore with SriLankan and Qantas and then return to Bangkok at the end of the route to create a really cheap one.

A route with SriLankan Airlines would include Bangkok to Seychelles, Seychelles to Colombo, Colombo to Colombo, Colombo to Sydney, Sydney to Colombo, Colombo, Colombo to Bangkok in Bangkok Travel Time, and would have a per capita cost of approximately AU$2700 (~US$2k). Quite astonishing for almost 18,000 flying points in your businessclass!

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