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Boeing: Boeing Company: Miscellaneous Information The Boeing Group is the world's premier aviation and defence supplier and a leader in the production of airliners, defence, spacecraft and safety equipment and spare parts. It is the United States' premier finished product retailer, serving airline companies and U.S. and related governments in more than 150 states. The Boeing product and custom solutions portfolio includes civil and defence aeroplanes, spacecraft, weapons, electronics and defence equipment, launchers, sophisticated information and communications as well as performance-based logistic and education.

The Boeing Group has a long history of leading and innovating in the aviation and space industries. The company's wide spectrum of services encompasses the creation of new, more effective members of the civil aircraft class, the development, construction and integration of defence platform and defence system, the development of sophisticated technological approaches and the provision of financial and servicing services to clients. Headquartered in Chicago, Boeing has more than 140,000 employees in the USA and more than 65 states.

The company also utilizes the talent of hundred thousand qualified employees working for Boeing distributors around the world. The Boeing Group is organised into three business units: Civil Aircraft, Defence, Space and Security and Boeing Corporate Services, which commenced operation on 1 July 2017. These entities are supported by Boeing Capital Corporation, a leading financial group.

Furthermore, the company's enterprise-wide function organisations are focused on general business functions such as engeneering and programme control, technological and R&D programme implementation, progressive designs and production processes, security, finance, increase in efficiency and efficiency and information technologies. The Boeing Group has been the leading producer of airliners for years. Today the Boeing Group produces the aircraft series 737, 747, 767, 777 and 787 as well as the Boeing Business Jet family.

Among the new products developed are the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, the 737 MAX and the 777X. Over 10,000 Boeing aircraft are in operation around the globe, almost half the global population. Boeing also provides the most comprehensive freighter range in the industry, and about 90 per cent of the world's freight is transported on board Boeing aircraft.

Defence, Security & Space Technology (BDS) is a diverse worldwide company that provides cutting-edge technology that designs, manufactures, modifies, services and supports civil derivative products, rotary wing aeroplanes, satellite navigation, research and development, and stand-alone security products. KC-46 air-to-air refuelling jets built on the Boeing 767 airliner, the AH-64 Apache chopper, the 702 satellite series, the CST-100 Starliner spaceship and the Echo Voyager stand-alone.

Powered by Boeing's mission to unite, secure, explore by inspiring the global arena through innovations in aeronautics and space, BDS seeks ways to make better use of information technology and invests in researching and developing improved skills and platform. Boeing is a leader in trade and defence platform manufacturing, offering unprecedented global after market service for miscellaneous fleet operations.

At Boeing Global Services, we provide cutting edge, complete and cost-effective services to our trade, defence and aerospace clients, regardless of the OEM of the product. Boeing Global Services' unmatched round-the-clock operational capability ensures that our customers' airliners operate at high levels of operational efficiencies and provides missions insurance to countries around the globe.

The Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC) is a leading international supplier of finance for Boeing clients. BCC works in close cooperation with the commercial aircraft and defence, aerospace and security sectors to ensure that clients have the necessary funding to purchase and deliver their Boeing warplanes. BCC brings together Boeing's strong finance and worldwide coverage, in-depth understanding of Boeing's clients and assets, and the experience of an experienced group of finance experts with a value of approximately USD 4.1 billion at the end of 2016.

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