Online Booking for Srilankan Airlines

Booking online for Srilankan Airlines

Within and outside the flight Srilankan is a bad service. Note: The Silk Route Departure is available for all airlines. Gate to hotel reservation in Sri Lanka.

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Receive lower prices for tens of millions of hotels.... Register to see the unique member discount. You can reach us at the toll-free number 1-800-397-3342 for our support team. The tariffs for calls to other countries are valid. E-mail E-mail E-mail adress × This e-mail adress has already been used to register with Concentrated Data Exchange (CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES).

Please email me with your holiday packages, promotions and other information.

Please note: The Silk Route Departure is available for all airlines....

Please note: The Silk Route Departure is available for all airlines.... Now BIA is offering an exclusively furnished hotel for all demanding travellers like you. Under the brand name "Silk Route". These facilities offer the highest level of before and after class convenience to those booking in. In addition, the employees then follow him on his own "Silk Route".

When you are looking for deluxe before the trip or after the trip convenience, take the "Silk Route"! Register now and book. The prepaid parcel delivery is valid for a year. Prepaid parcel customers are eligible for special rebates based on the nature of the parcel and the number of travellers.

If a parcel is bought for a person four and a half years in a row, the same parcel is free for about the fifth consecutive year.

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The Sri Lankan rupee has continued to depreciate against the US dollar, according to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL). The Supreme Court Nalin Perera swore as the new Chief Justice before President Maithripala Sirisena in the President's official residence last night (12). Today, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) set Rs.100 and Rs.105 per kilogram respectively as maximal retailer price for unpackaged and packaged sugar with effect from 12 noon.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, says that Russia has a long tradition of friendship with Sri Lanka and is interested in strengthening commercial and industrial co-operation, also in the areas of fisheries, farming and fisheries and tourism. The former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterdays that only one suggestion to build a governing government in a ruling party was on the agenda at the moment and reiterated that there had been no discussion on this issue.

The Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne declined last night to acknowledge the Attorney General's observation, which was provided in a confidentiality note about accusations against prosecutors in the investigation of the bonds issues when they were launched last night. On Wednesday Sri Lanka denied US assertions that China could set up a "forward army base" in a strategically important harbour rented to Beijing by the debtor Indian Ocean state.

According to the Ministry of Finance, with effect from today at 12 p.m. (10), petrol fares have been raised on the basis of the new petrol fare reform. According to the Ministry of Finance's active quotation system, there is a chance that the cost of petrol will be raised from today, said Ceylon Petroleum Corporation D.J. Rajakaruna, general unionist.

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