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At the time of booking or at any time prior to travel. Dedication to excellence The Citizens' Charter contains important information to help you, our esteemed visitor, when we have the privilege of taking you there. Tariffs for India sector are quoted in Rupees Indians (INR) and US dollars (USD). INR tariffs apply to Indians with permanent residence in India, Nepal and Bhutan, foreigners with residence in India and residence permit in India and overseas diplomats with residence in India with diplomatic Status as well as their dependant relatives.

Tariffs for overseas services are in Indian Rupees (INR) or in the national currencies. Domestic and intercontinental base rates are offered before tax, supplement and charges. Additionally to the base tariff we are obliged by the government to levy and levy the Passenger Service Fee (WO) as far as INR and US dollar tariffs for Indian and foreign sector industries are concerned.

The same applies to each air voucher, i.e. to each section of the journey. In addition, additional charges are imposed for insurances and fuels (YQ) both within India and internationally, which apply per air voucher. The two taxes (WO and YQ) are charged together with the base price at the moment the tickets are issued.

Changing the fare: If you bought a tickets before the date of a tariff rise and are travelling after the tariff rise, you are not obliged to make the payment of the balance for the booked route, unless otherwise stated. Your tickets can be bought at our office, on our website or at one of our authorized agencies in India or abroad.

You can also buy your travel and travel fares within India at any counter situated at the airline company's main flight terminal. Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai are open 24 hrs. After issuing your voucher, please verify that it is correct. Also note the transport regulations shown on the envelope or on your electronic printout.

B.S.P. Ticketing has also been launched in India and can be used for both domestic and foreign itineraries. Expiration date of the ticket: Except as otherwise stated, within India, non-U. S. Dollar (INR) fare sector ticketing is for one year from the date of issuance, while for US Dollar (USD) fare sector ticketing is for one year from the date of inception.

Reduced fare/reduced fare purchase ticketing has a restricted duration and is available from our website, our office locations, our airfield ticketing desks and our authorised tour operators. Except as otherwise stated, ticketing for overseas services shall be for one year from the date of departure.

If not otherwise stated, you can modify your route after purchasing your tickets through our agencies or an authorized agency. If this is the case, please reissue your tickets for the reworked flights / dates / sectors. When you have an overseas ticketing and have modified your route, you must reissue the ticketing for the revamped area.

a. Any modification of a validated INR Tariff Awarded ticked - which includes cancellations, postponements, changes of itineraries - must be made at least one lesson prior to a departure. A reissuance fee will be charged if a qualifying trip is changed from a higher to a lower rate, regardless of whether the industry/class of trip changes. b. If you have an eTicket and wish to void, reschedule or modify your route, you must notify our qualifying counter.

It is also possible to cancel or change your eTickets on-line using the "Manage Booking" function. c. Subject to the validity period of the tickets, if they are not kept, a 25% cancelation fee will be charged on the base price. The same applies to a full-price public transport pass.

Cancellation fees do not apply within India where US dollar tariffs are applied. e. Refunds will be handled in accordance with the tariff regulations and will be charged according to the initial billing code, destination and method of pay, with the exception of refunds penalty.

Reimbursements are punishable by a penalty in accordance with the tariff regulations. Reimbursement of the value of the purchase will be made directly to you in our office or at the airport: f. Except for those issues outside India, reimbursement will be made in the jurisdiction in which the purchase was made. g. The reimbursement of a visa must be made through the awarding agency. h. Please be aware that certain tariffs may have terms that restrict or preclude your right to a reimbursement.

Subject to our right to make a reimbursement only to the individual specified in the Tickets or to the individual who initially purchased the Tickets, and to decline a reimbursement if requested later than 365 business days following the expiration of the Tickets.

Intersector tickets: Ticketing for overseas trips is prone to cancelation fees that apply to a particular industry. For more information, please contact our office, airports ticketing desks, our website or our authorized agencies. Discounted fares: a. A restricted number of places will be assigned on each trip for certain classes in which we provide discounted fare.

Terms and procedures are available on our website, in our agencies, at airports ticketing desks and in our authorized agencies. 10 per cent of the adults' rate applies to babies under 2 years of age traveling with one of their parents. c. In the internationals area, reduced rates are available to pupils between 12 and 26 years of age and seafarers (admission required).

Please refer to our office, website, airports ticketing desks and authorized agencies for further information. d. Please be aware that you must provide evidence of your entitlement to the above discounted rates both in India and internationally. e. However, all government charges apply to all discounted rates.

f. We occasionally provide promotional rates and package deals - please see our website, our agencies, our airports ticketing desks and our authorized tour operators for details. These facilities allow visitors at one place (in India or abroad) to obtain a fare that has been purchased at another place (in India or overseas).

Authorities (PTA) for issuing tickets are sent from the purchasing town to the border ing / issuing town. Notice that a $25 per incident US and $25 per point of sales per person per incident will be levied at the US and Canadian respectively.

There is no refund of the booking charge for traveling. Unintended changes such as changes to schedules and interruptions. There is a credit charge of GBP 4.50 per credit or debit transfer per booking for any credit or debit transfer at the London office. The re-issuance of original airline passes on the website will also incur credit-cardholder charges if acceptance of payments from the credit-cardholder is made at London travel agencies.

Often a passenger who has a certified and current reservation does not respond or is not able to respond before the deadline set by the carrier (e.g. "No Show"). If this is the case, an air carrier is entitled to impose an appropriate "No Show" fine under Regulation 135 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937, which will be subtracted from the airfare charged by the passenger.

In order to limit the number of flights with empty or unmanned passengers, carriers make restricted transfers. As a result of such cases of booking overruns, an air carrier may have more passengers on a particular route than the number of places available on that route, and as such must refuse to board some of the passengers.

If you are refused involuntary carriage on a ticket for which you have a certified booking, you will be eligible for the following financial compensation: a) If an alternative ticket is provided which is due to leave within 24 consecutive flights of the originally reserved date of travel, the passenger will be eligible for 200% of the originally reserved single rate plus the carrier's petrol supplement, provided that the amount of the financial contribution is not more than INR 10,000.

b ) If an alternative travel is provided which is to take place more than 24hrs prior to the originally chartered planned take-off, the passenger shall be eligible for 400% of the chartered base rate plus the aviation supplement, up to a limit of 20,000 INR. c) If the passenger does not choose an alternative travel, the passenger shall be eligible for a full reimbursement of the full price of the tickets in excess of 400% of the chartered base rate plus the aviation supplement, up to a limit of 20,000 INR.

Should the passenger have a connection either with the same or another carrier, the carrier making the first connection on the first route shall be obliged to indemnify the passenger in accordance with the abovementioned rules if the passenger is late at the departing point because he was refused carriage at the departing point and arrives at his place of departure at least three consecutive hour after the planned arriving point.

Annulment is the non-operation of a previously intended operating service on which at least one seat was reserved for a single person. In the event that the customer is notified of a cancelled reservation less than two ( 2 ) Weeks before and up to 24 ( 24 ) hours before the intended take-off date, a replacement departing aircraft shall be provided within two ( 2 ) Hours of the intended take-off date.

Unless otherwise stated above, unless you are notified as above, passengers will be eligible for: a) a refund of the flight tickets and 5,000 INR, or the lower of the base rate plus aviation petrol cost for flights with a block period of up to 1 hr. b) a refund of the flight tickets and 7,500 INR, or the lower of the base rate plus aviation petrol cost for flights with a block period of more than 1 hr. and up to 2 hr.

Reimbursement is to be effected in payment in cash, via wire order or with the consent agreed by the traveller in the voucher format. You will not be compensated if you do not provide sufficient information at the point of reservation or issuance of a corporate trip company ticketing on the chosen airline.

In the event that the postponement of the trip has resulted in a postponement of the trip, the rules governing the postponement of the trip shall prevail, i.e. Rule 3. If two flights are operated in combination due to operational / technical demands, the above mentioned penalty for late arrival applies. Exceptional conditions should be considered to be present where the effects of an AFM ruling on a particular specific type or types of aircraft on a particular date result in a long or late arrival or departure or overnight arrival or one or more flights by that type or types of aircraft and cannot be prevented, even if all appropriate steps have been taken to prevent or mitigate the effects of the contributing factors and the resulting delays or arrivals are the result.

I. Inland flights to India: In case the lateness is less than two working days, the regulations for reissue/refund according to the tariff shall be applicable. In the event that the award is less than 30 mins, the reissue/refund policy will be applied in accordance with the tariff. Flights international: In the event that the award is less than 30 mins, the reissue/refund policy will be applied in accordance with the tariff.

Complaints will only be processed after presentation of the required originals, e.g. boarding card / copy of tickets / luggage tags / overweight luggage receipts, etc. E-mail ID: E-mail ID: Our reservation system is Hosted at Sabre, a premier international reservation system, and we are distributed by large worldwide distribution systems within and outside India.

Make your bookings by either phoning or paying a visit to one of our agencies and through more than 2000 authorized agencies throughout India and through 66 General Sales Agent (GSA) agencies around the world. You can also reserve, purchase and purchase your eTicket for flights within India and abroad by making an on-line booking through our website.

Notice that the freephone number can only be dialled from India. If you make a booking for a particular trip, you will be given a deadline by which the ticket must be issued. Failure to issue the ticket will result in our system canceling the booking for you. Immediate ticket issuance is also necessary for those bought at selected discounted rates.

Be sure to make a reference to your Passenger Name Reference (PNR) as you will need to make reference to it if you wish to modify your itineraries. When making your reservation, please state your eating habits (and your child's eating habits if your children are traveling with you). Inside India:

Currently we fly to 47 Indian domestic routes per day, which cover the length and width of the nation, a sign of our dedication to provide a comprehensive aviation service to all parts of the world. Our route allocation guidelines are strictly adhered to by the Indian government for all regular carriers.

Internationally: In India, in India, in addition to our domestic routes, we also serve Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Bahrain, Bangkok, Colombo, Dammam, Dhaka, Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Kathmandu, Kuwait, London, Muscat, Paris, Riyadh, Sharjah, Singapore and Toronto. Airlines is stepping up its activities internationally. Please find detailed information about our flights and timetables in our on-line timetables.

Boeing's current fleets are deployed on selected Indian and multinational routes. B777-300ER, A330-300 and A330-200 are mainly used for long-haul flights. Mainly used for local missions within India, the ATR72-500 is used to link city centres with subways and provincial capital cities according to local needs.

On most flights, our Boeing 737s offer Première (Business Class) and economy cabin accommodations. Domestic flights within India: At least 60 min. before your planned flight starts, please arrive at the boarding point and 120 min. before your flight starts at Jammu, Leh and Srinagar airports. Normally we begin check-in 120 min before your flight departs for flights within India.

Flights within India will close check-in for all classrooms 45 min prior to scheduled departures. Text message check-in, tele-check-in and web check-in passengers who do not report to the airports by 50 min before take-off will be discharged from the aircraft and their places will be reserved for stand-by use.

Flights international: Normally we begin check-in 180 min before your scheduled take-off. Passengers will be checked in 60 min before take-off at the check-in desks for all classrooms. Text message check-in, tele-check-in and web check-in passengers who have not contacted the airline at least 60 min before take-off will be dismissed from the aircraft and their places will be reserved for stand-by use.

Visitors traveling on our intercontinental flights are asked to present at our check-in desks (passports with current visa) appropriate and current documentation. Passengers traveling without official papers will not be taken on board by the carrier. Checking in luggage is checked at the entire India airport by X-ray equipment before it is approved for check-in.

It is recommended that passengers do not allow their luggage to be left unsupervised at the airfield at any given moment. Unsupervised luggage may be cleared and disposed of by airport/security personnel as a suspicious item. Visitors in India and with similar requirements in other jurisdictions should not open / manipulate their pockets after completing safety check.

Luggage tagging before re-entering a connecting service is currently necessary for flights to and from Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu and Leh. Hand luggage is screened at two different stages: by Airport Safety and by the safety of the carrier. We also have our own colorful and educational in-flight newspaper "JetWings" about our Indian sector and "JetWings International" about our global sector.

On our flights we serve food and drinks. Types of food vary depending on planned departures and arrivals and the length of the trip. Attend the security demos and obey all security precautions on the plane during take-off, flying and touching down. On all our flights there is a strict ban on air-smoke.

Our commitment is to transport the customer and his luggage to the best of our ability with appropriate disposition and to comply with the timetables valid on the day of the journey. It may happen that a guest's hold luggage cannot be taken on the passenger's itinerary.

Luggage will be supplied to the guests in the case of sector within India. Our responsibility for lost, delayed or damaged luggage in any sector within India is restricted to 450 INR per kg unless a higher value is stated in writing and extra fees are made. Our responsibility in respect of lost, delayed or damaged luggage in overseas countries is restricted to $20 per kg unless a higher value is stated in anticipation and extra fees are made.

You should be aware that the times indicated in our schedules, on our website or at tourist agencies are not warranted and do not constitute part of the contract of carriage. Our aim is to notify our customers in the event of delays, changes in reservations, rebooking or cancellations of a ticket.

Immediately notify all agencies about our GDS (Global Distribution Systems). You should immediately be alerted on your cell in case of delay if you give your cell number when making your booking. It is currently available for cellular numbers enrolled with telecommunications providers in India.

You can find the relevant regulations for this institution in all our office and ticketing desks. In the event of cancellation of a trip, we will endeavour to carry the guest on the next available trip or on a different airline's trip or make available alternatives.

Première check-in, en-suite lounges, extra free luggage, preferred luggage clearance, 24-hour pre-departure reservation guarantees, prioritized standby, upgrades and more. In addition, we have one of the youngest fleets in the world, so that our operational efficiency can help our customers. For more information about our freight forwarding service or to make a freight reservation, please contact our terminal office or authorised freight agent or our 24-hour Chargo Capacity and Revenue Management Center (CCRM).

Foreign clients must call our local General Sales Agent (GSA) office in their local city to make freight reservations. In order for an air carrier to be able to receive remnants of humans for transport, the following conditions apply to both Indian and intercontinental transport: Goverment provided identification of the dead man.

Statement by the person/organization packaging the remnants attesting that the remnants have been embedded and packaged in accordance with applicable law and IATA guidelines (click here to click to view the statement). The following points are required for overseas transport in conjunction with the above 7 requirements:

Please contact our airports bureaus, authorised freight brokers or our 24-hour Freight Capacity and Revenue Management Center (CCRM) for more information on the procedures to follow. 4. floor, Caledonia (HDIL), Andheri-Sahar Road, Andheri (East), one of our Indian office and local office abroad or the office where you bought the tickets.

You can find detailed information about our flights, tariffs, services, guidelines and other information on our website. On the website you will find the contacts of all our office locations. Interesting information about our carrier can also be found in JetWings, our in-flight industry guide for India and JetWings Interna-tional, our in-flight industry guide for India.

With our meticulously developed Service Tracker, you can quantitatively analyze our service both on the floor and on our flights.

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