Old Cab

An old cab

"...Checker Motor Corp., former taxi cab builder, filed for bankruptcy.

" You took a cab to the theatre. and saw him safely drive out of town.

Old cabin 88 C Dixie Hwy, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

It was my bachelorette parties week-end and the cab that picked us up only fired at a seemingly 1 primer, it never went over 45 milliph, so we took side streets and thought he would take us into the forest to slay us.

Rough, dirty automobiles and chauffeurs. Everybody's a daily driver, they're evil, they're creepy, they do stuff and they sell drugs in the cabin. Ancient City Cab is used to get to and from St. Augustine International Airports. We' ll call before departure and have a cab that waits for us when we get there.

All the cab riders were friendly and courteous. No matter how preoccupied they were, they were a good athlete. We will keep calling Ancient City Cab as long as we have the feeling that the trip is secure and dependable. and he said they'd be here in 20 mins.

Nearly an hour later, I phoned back and talked to the same scheduler and said that we had been outside for 50 hours awaiting the taxi's arrival and asked if I should call another taxi service. The dispatcher was UNCLUDED RUDE; he was telling me to go and hang up the telephone.

Then I tried calling another number for a local taxi (without even realizing it was the same company), and after a few calls the dispatchers took the telephone and put it down. Then my mom tried to call from her telephone to ask for a taxi, and as soon as she gave him the adress, the same scheduler said so and then hanged me!

And so I phoned "Affordable Taxi" (904) -460-4363 and talked to a very nice woman who was one of her cabdrivers. Explaining what was happening to Ace, Ancient City, Yellow Cab, she didn't seem upset. So, if you're looking for a reliable cab business, call Affordable Taxis.

You were 35 min too late, even...... You were 35 min too late, although I had phoned 1h before.

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