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Today Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are one enterprise. Please fill in your details here and we will register you on the right website. Now Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable are one business. Type your TWC ID and your keyword here and we'll log you in on the right website.

Now Charter Communications and Bright House Networks are one business. Type in your current My Services user name and your login information and we'll log you in on the right website.

Spectrum Technologies | Weather and Environmental Monitoring Systems

Welcome to Spectrum Technologies, Inc. The Spectrum range provides a comprehensive range of cost-effective measuring techniques for ground compacting, ground water content, nutrients, light, atmospheric conditions and other direct crop growth determinants. With our WatchDog dataloggers, our remote sensing devices can capture rain, foliar rain, variations in temperatures, humidities and other meteorological conditions, from individual devices to complete meteorological wards.

Extensive softwares allow the user to plot graphs of collected information, run a report, generate user-defined report, extract information to generate spreadsheets and more. More than 15,000 clients rely on Spectrum's easy-to-use and reliable technologies.

Spectrum - The Market Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology

So why set up a My Spektrum account? My Spectrum account gives you immediate control over updating these software packages and other related support offerings. You will be notified by e-mail when a product becomes available for upgrade or downloading. In addition, you will get our latest spectrum newsletter, promotions and give-aways.

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