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In the interior of the new 14.5 million pound Bombardier Learjet 75... you can rent for 3,500 pounds per hour.

Bombardier Learjet 75....

There is no better official way to get there than by Learjet if you have accidentally taken a vacation to the South of France and your car is idling ten thousand lbs. And MailOnline Travel was fortunate enough to sniff around on board the Learjet 75 (although unfortunately it didn't take off for France) - the quickest and farthest away personal jets in its category, and it's civilized, to say the least.

Eight-person Bombardier can take up to four consecutive flight times and take off from London Airport, but its home is Biggin Hill Airport in Bromley, 12 nautical miles south-east of London. With a length of 19 feet and a hight of almost five feet, the cab is not roomy enough to be standing up, but each of the eight generous lease has ample legroom and the ability to lean and swing at an incline.

This toilet seat is made of the same genuine hide as the seat, and there is an elegant washstand and a splint for hanging clothes and a suit. Most of the time in winters they are skiing areas and in summers places like Portugal, Marbella and France - Ibiza is probably the most loved. So what else is the bombardier proud of except his shiny torso and his very pointed nose? Mmm.

Perhaps the most amazing thing of all is that if you're the kind of individual lucky enough to be able to climb all the way up in the top tier, charters for this plane aren't really a big challenge. When you and seven of your buddies flew from London to Nice next Friday, for example with British Airways Clubs, it would throw you back a combined 6,200 pounds - 775 pounds per capita.

Class 60 Learjet, #1 Mid-sized charter company for charter flights! 24 / 7 / 365 Privat Aircraft Service!

Learjet 60 planes flying! Learjet 60 privately owned, lower hourly rate! Charter a Privatjet! Learjet 60 personal aircraft, services! Corporate planes! Privatjets! Learjet 60 charter is a good option! There are 60 charter rates for privately owned aircraft which cannot be surpassed. Learjet 60 Privat flugzeug, charter, simply compared!

Privatjet, try one of them! Learjet 60 personal aircraft, charters, call us! Custom jets or business jets! Learjet 60 Privat flight, charters or luxury jets charters! Charters for privat planes! Luggage space: 59 cu. ct. The Learjet 60 Privat Aircraft provides an expanded cruising distance and is the workhorse of the privately chartered aircraft world.

Learjet 60 is said to have been developed for a special purpose mission - personal jets that quickly reach high cruising speed, have high cruising speed, are economical and dependable. Learjet 60 is a semi-cab and medium-range corporate airliner built by Bombardier Aerospace in Wichita, Kansas, USA.

"The Learjet 60 Privateaircraft" The Learjet 60 Privateaircraft has a standing booth, which represents the greatest enhancement of the airplane. The 55th model enjoys 50 per cent more cab space than its predecessor. Though the Learjet 60 personal airliner has many characteristics that are attracting more than a mere recess value for shoppers, the important point is that the Learjet 60 more than meets these requirements.

"The Learjet 60 Specifications" This jets can fly over air travel and turmoil, linking passengers faster to their destination. This Learjet 60 is exactly what Lear did when he introduced the Lear 55. Through the strategic loan of valuable items from former airplanes and the integration of new functions. "The LEARJET 60" has made some changes, but instead of increasing the number of seats, the designers decided to improve the cabins' level of detail and the aircraft's equipment.

As a rule, the stateroom can accommodate seven or eight people in a Lear style layout. "The Learjet 60 Cabin" The private aircraft Learjet 60 makes a good selection. Learjet 60 also has an outside and inside luggage compartment, a half-wide toilet and a small kitchen/refreshment centre. An excellent blend of cruising distance, cruising speeds and convenience has made the Learjet 60 one of world´s's most loved medium-sized aircraft.

"The Learjet 60 Private Aircraft provides neat and filthy icehold, a micro-wave or hot cupboard, fold-down work areas and enhanced litter bins capability that is easily seen thanks to a tiptoe impact illumination system. This Learjet 60 private aircraft has a complete re-designed cabin, which includes new seating and a new 2-seaterivan.

"The Learjet 60 Privatecraft Company has a level of excellence within which to anticipate tomorrow's business requirements and create an imaginative business jets to meet them. Offering the power of a high-end airplane, this extraordinary airplane is the perfect choice. Both you and your passengers will be able to fully experience the spacious cabins and luxury soft fur seating as you travel non-stop across the state.

"Learn jet 60, midsize jet charter flights! "<Very lightweight jets" "Light jets" "Super-light jets" "Medium jets" "Super-medium class jets" "Heavy jets" "Long haul jets" "V. I.P. Airliners" "Turbo Props" "Multipiston Aircraft" "Learjet 60, information! It provides about 28 cc of interior room outside the cab, which can carry 210 lbs of baggage and freight.

While the front pocket is 8 ft long, the rear pocket is 4 ft long, enabling passengers to separate their baggage and aviation outfit. Raisbeck's rear fuselage cabinet for the Learjet 60/60XR offers more than 28 ft 3 of watertight room to transport an extra 210 lbs of baggage and oversized freight outside the cab.

The Learjet 60 is almost unbeatable when it comes to mere rock climb. That plane not only takes off, it also explodes. "His performance comes with the kind permission of a couple Pratt & Whitney Canada 305As, which is screwed to the back, giving each crankshaft 4,600 lbs of thrusts.

The Learjet 60 thus has a 23,500-pound aircraft (maximum take-off weight), one of the highest push-toweight ratio in its category. However, an aircraft with jet power like the Learjet 60's requires skills and esteem in the cockpit. What's more, it's a very good aircraft. Learjet 60 can be used conveniently under heavy load on 5,000-foot long take-off and landing strips. Model 55 went into manufacture in 1980 and 147 were produced.

He combined the Learjet Model 28/29 Longhorn wings with an extended Model 35 body. "In the Learjet 60" While the 60 has experienced various changes in the interiors and electronics over the years, in particular the SE and XR versions, the hull has remained largely the same. From 1993 to 2005, when Bombardier launched its 60SE follow-up model, the company produced 274 Model60s.

Hull was 43 inch extended, resulting in an 18 inch longer cab (17. 67 feet) and more leg room. The width of the cab is a fractions less than 1.80 m. There are five individual swing seat cabins in the main cab, a two-seater sofa opposite the entrance doors. Learjet 60 has a small front kitchen with room for a micro-wave and an icebox, a front cabinet and a back toilet.

Within the cab, the cabinet offers 24 square ft of stowage space; an equivalent amount is in the luggage space behind the toilet. Up to 7 seats are available on the plane. LEARJET 60 standing cabins are complemented by fine veneer, luxurious, supple leather. Featuring the finest materials to give you a sense of functionality and luxuries, while the galley's fine dining features help improve your overall flying pleasure.

"Learjet 60 Cabin" Standing height in the defined central corridor is 5.7ft. "This is Learjet 60, chartered by our charter company! "LEARJET 60, charter a personal plane! "The Learjet 60 is a mid-size Bombardier Aerospace cab and medium-haul airliner based in Wichita, Kansas, USA. "The Learjet 60 Exterior", propelled by two Pratt & Whitney Canada 305A thrusters, has a cruising distance (with 4 occupants and 2 crews ) of 2,405 sea mile ( 4,454 km ) with NBAA 100 nm ( 190 km ) reserve, ISA.

Bombardier Aerospace in July 2012 announces a short term "production break" for the latest Learjet 60XR aircraft, which is scheduled to start in the 4th fiscal year 2012. Learjet 60 is an upgraded Learjet 55 with a longer hull and more efficient turboprop engine. Alterations that transformed the Learjet Model 55 into a Model 60 resulted from an aerodynamic enhancement programme and the need to enhance the Learjet line of products.

"Several of these changes were a premiere for Learjet, among them a completely new internal sleeve attached to the inside of the Longhorn grand, and a completely new wings to bodies trim. Learjet 60 is distinguished by its mountaineering capabilities and climbed to 12,497 meters (41,000 feet) in 18 years.

He was also the last Learjet to use the wings that the Bill Lear designed for the FFA P-16 Switzerland warplane. Next to the Learjet, the Learjet 85 is a completely new type of jet from Bombardier Aerospace. The Learjet 60 ceased to be produced in 2007 after 314 planes were made.

Learjet 60-XR is the latest Learjet produced by Bombardier Aerospace. Bombardier Learjet airplanes are demonstrably among the most reliable specialist missions worldwide with their robust power, velocity and agile design. "Learjet 60 Jet Charter" These iconic actors and actresses are setting the standards for fast climbing times and height ability, foreseeable response and short-haul power.

In low altitude, they offer outstanding driving performance for optimal performance in applications such as air traffic control. Our Learjet airplanes have made their outstanding cruising ranges and reliable performance under the toughest operating environments the market leader in the aviation medicine sector. Learjet 60 does not have the cruising distance for overseas operations from the United States, but can fly across the Atlantic from Newfoundland to the British Isles. he Learjet 60XR's actual output cost about 13.3 million dollars.

Learjet 60 is a midsize, midsize wonder. The Learjet 60, which arrives quickly at its cruise level, enables a trouble-free, pleasant and, if necessary, prolific ride. "The Learjet 60 Personal Jets" With outstanding features, this versatile jet is an outstanding choice for any corporate or leisure outing. There have been a number of improvements to the aircraft's aerodynamics, among them a number of wingtip improvements that improve the 55's overall effectiveness, power and ease of use.

In the 60s, the value of re-sale continued to be good, although the medium used aircraft markets were gradually declining. "A 1997 Learjet 60 Learjet 60 was selling new ones for $10.8 million and still has an annual $6.9 million on it. There is a partner firm and they also do privatjet charters and are reachable under:

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