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The JAL Group offers a range of fares tailored to the different needs of our customers. All domestic flights offer food and drink, free food and a selection of drinks. Are you looking for low prices for domestic and international air tickets?

Tariffs & offers for domestic flights

Flights: Service charge for Webjet: National $21.95, NZ/Pacific $24.95, International $32.95. are available in the pricing section of Webjet's check-out page once your preferred billing option has been used. Rates are based on available flights and are inclusive of applicable airlines tax and supplement. There is no guarantee that all rates on this page are correct. While Webjet makes every reasonable endeavor to keep the information provided to you current and correct, Webjet may decline or void all orders for a wrong ly priced item if a wrong quotation is made for a type of item, photograph or other reason.

Prices for domestic flights - JAL domestic flights

Discount rates for reservations up to 75, 55, 45 or 28 workingdays before departure. Discount fares are available for reservations made up to 21 working days before scheduled flight departure. Please contact us for details. Tariff offers for reservations up to 7, 3 or 1 day(s) before take-off. Tariff offers for travellers who want to make flights for the unexpected journey, who want to adjust the date of travel and who want to collect more mileage.

Standby tariffs for older people over 65. Discount stand-by fares for passengers between 12 and 25 years of age. Find the best offers for your journey here.

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Discount international & domestic flights from 347 RM

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The only thing you need to do to find a plane is choose where you want to go and on what itinerary.

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