One way Charter Flights

One-way charter flights

The majority of charter flights are booked as one-way missions, i.e. the aircraft carries only passengers for part of the journey. Upon completion of the mission, the aircraft usually either returns to its base or positions itself elsewhere to pick up the next group of charter customers. <

ONE-WAY PRIVATE JET & EMPTY LEG FLIGHTS. The jet either returns to its home base or to another destination to prepare for its next charter flight. Disposable charter flights are offered at reduced prices.

Oneway charter flights from San Diego or Los Angeles, CA

From time to time, one of Latitude 33 Aviation's privately owned charter aircraft operates without a passenger. You can either return the aircraft to its home bases or to another location to get ready for its next charter trip. They are referred to as "vacancy flights". Though it is not perfect to travel without a passenger, these transfer flights are sometimes necessary.

Book ing an empty seat on Latitude 33 Aviation is more than just a cheap ticket for your next journey, whether it' private or not. The Latitude 33 Aviation charter flights give you the ability to enjoy comfortable and stylish flying while eliminating many of the most uncomfortable facets of corporate aviation.

If you book a charter with us in a privat plane, for example, you will not have to worry about having to divide the plane with other travellers, getting stuck on small chairs or filling the trunk. One way idle flights are based on pre-determined timetables, but often you still have the freedom to change your timetable whenever it suits you.

Say goodbye to long safety lanes and checks when flying in a privately owned charterer. You don't have to be worried about awaiting screenings with a charter flights charter - you can just go to your plane and board. They can also help you safe your valuable travel experience, as charter flights have greater airport connections, which means there's sure to be one nearer your point of departure or arrival.

The most convincing reasons for renting a personal aircraft may be convenience. You can concentrate on anything you want in a personal plane. Get ready for your important corporate get-together in a personal environment or just chill out and chill out. If you have one of our luxury privately owned aircraft all to yourself, the sky belongs to you.

Because of all these and other factors, charter flights are the best way to get where you need to go. If you are lucky enough to take our empty flights, the adventure will only get better. Check out our currently available empty cross country flights below and see if there is one that can cover your impending travelling needs.

Please do not hesitate to inquire today to book your personal charter aircraft adventure with Latitude 33 Aviation.

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