Nyc Taxi Receipt Request

The Nyc Taxi Receipt Request

If we invoice you, all fees are due and payable upon receipt. New York City Taxi Cab By using or registering for any of the Services, you signify your acceptance to be bound thereby. You may not use the Services if you do not consent to be bound thereby. When you use the Services on our behalf as a company that has a separately funded contractual relationship with us, the conditions of that relationship apply to your use of the Services.

Conditions may be changed from occasion to occasion. If you use or continue to use the Services after any changes have been made, you are agreeing to those changes, whether or not you have review them. Should you disagree with any changes to the Conditions, you must cease using the Services and terminate your membership.

In order to provide a better overview, these conditions are divided into the following sections: "An " Acct " means an on-line Acct established by You or on Your behalf within the Services. "An " Admin " means a subscriber whom You designate as an Admin with Admin privileges, which includes, but is not limited to, the right to append licences, terminate licences and determine the extent of the Services.

"Related Party" means, in relation to a particular undertaking, any undertaking which directly or indirectly exercises a controlling interest in, is owned or is jointly owned by, or is controlling by, that undertaking (where "control" means the possession or direct or indirect control of more than 50% of the votes of that undertaking). "Contents " means information, text, sound, videos, images or other contents.

"The term "Services" shall refer in summary to the hosting memory solutions that we make available for storing, exchanging and manipulating content, software, website and related documents on-line. "Users " means a person who is accessing the Service and the Software. Service. You are providing the Service for your use on a non-exclusive base and in full accordance with these Conditions and all relevant legislation.

The software provided for use with the Services. Assistance for the services. Service updates. At our absolute option, we may at any times modify, upgrade and improve the Services, adding functions or characteristics to or removing functions or characteristics from the Services. You may also choose to discontinue the Services or discontinue the provision of the Services altogether.

Supplementary requirements for the free trial may appear on the Free Trial Register page. All of these supplementary provisions are included by reference in this Agreement and are enforceable. At our sole option, we retain the right to designate your entitlement to a free Sample and, without prejudice to existing legislation, to revoke or alter a free Sample at any moment without advance notification and without incurring any legal liabilities.


WHEN YOUR LANGUAGE VERSION DOES NOT CONTAIN FUNCTIONS THAT ARE AVAILABLE IN THE FREE TRIAL VERSION, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION EXPORTED BEFORE THE TRIAL EXPIRES. OTHERWISE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL BE WASTED. To familiarize yourself with the service functions and characteristics before making your purchases, please read the appropriate service manual during the free trial phase.

You are responsible in connection with the use of the services. If any of your information changes, you consent to and accept that all of your information submitted for the purpose of registering is correct, comprehensive, and up-to-date, and that you will promptly revise such information as it changes. Confirm that after registering with us we may electronically transmit to you any notices or information about the Services.

By following the unsubscribe procedures set out in the Notice, we give you the option to decline to receive certain of these notices from us. Even if you unsubscribe, however, you agree that we may still send you the necessary information by e-mail to the email addresses you provided when registering for the Services or by accessing a website that we have identified.

Messages that we send to you by email are considered given and sent when the email is sent. Should you not consent to receiving the necessary notifications by e-mail, you must cease using the Services. In both cases, such a statement must explicitly state that it is a communication made in accordance with these conditions.

If you become suspicious of any unauthorised use of any account, Content or Services, you hereby consent to immediately inform us in writing even if you believe that your account, Content or Services have been lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. In the event of unauthorised use by a third person who has obtained direct or indirect acces to the Services through you or your Subscribers, you consent to take all necessary action to stop such unauthorised use.

Contents. shall be liable for the correctness and qualitiy of any Contents transferred or edited through your User Content or saved in your User Information; and shall make sure that such Contents (including their saving and transmission) comply with these Conditions and current legislation and rules; Immediately process and remedy any communication or claim made by a third person that infringes that third person's right, alleging that Content is infringing, which includes notice of unsubscribe under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; retain appropriate safeguards, protections and backups of the content, which may involve (A) the use of cryptographic technologies to secure the contents from unauthorised disclosure; and (B) routinely archive the same.

to use the Services in any way or for any different purposes than what is specifically authorized by these Conditions, your use of the Services, your use of the Service, your use of the login of your business partner users, your sale, rental, resale, leasing, sublicensing, modification, manipulation, or otherwise creation of derived works of the Services, or your use of the Services by any third parties, except as provided herein, is strictly prohibited;

re-develop, dismantle or de-compile the Services or seek to extract from the Services any sources of the Services; delete, conceal or modify any copyright notices associated with the Services; use the Services to post any unauthorised or unauthorised e-mails, spams, chain letters, pyramidal schemata or any other forms of duplicate or unrequested communications; save or transfer any Content:

A) contains any illegal, libellous, defamatory, menacing, obscene, pornographic, insulting, or libellous materials; B) contains any materials that encourage behavior that could be considered a crime; or C) infringes any person's right to any intellectual or proprietary information, public or private life; or uses the Services to acquire, retain, or transfer any virus, worm, timebomb, Trojan horse, or other destructive or destructive code, file, script, agent, or program;

Minor third-party service and contents. Any transaction using the Service shall be exclusively between the Contracting Parties. You may use the Service to provide functions and functions that you associate or provide with certain functions and accessibility to third party information and materials, such as websites, directories, server, network, systems, information and data bases, application, softwares, programs, product or service and the web as a whole.

You may also be provided with some contents as part of the Service. Each of these and any conditions associated with these are exclusively between you and the respective third part. It is your sole responsibility to conduct any investigations you deem necessary or appropriate before continuing any transactions with any of these third party and your transactions with any third party in connection with the Service, whether on-line or off-line, comprising the supply and provision of and payments for goods andervices.

We are not liable in the case that you have issues resulting from the use of a third provider, or that you experience lost information or other lost business due to issues with one of your other ISPs or a third provider, unless the issue was the immediate consequence of our violations.

Either you have agreed to make payments with a current approved debit or debit card account (or such other method of payments as we may be able to reasonably accommodate from timed period) to the Service for the costs and expenses listed in Appendix A (such as periodic subscription or renewal fees), tax (as herein defined) and other applicable costs and expenses associated with accessing the Services.

Payment is made in the currencies we have specified for your Fee Deposit Accounts (and we retain the right to modify such currencies at any time). Your payment will be debited to your debit or debit card at the beginning of the charging cycle and at the beginning of each extension cycle.

Unless expressly stated otherwise in this section, all services for the chosen timeframe (monthly, yearly or otherwise) are paid for in advance and are non-refundable. Incidental charges will be immediately debited from your debit card or other bank statement and will remain valid for the full months of the service upgrade.

When you have payed for a year of service, the service upgrades are associated with that year of service. Every fee increment shall take effect at the beginning of the next extension of the service subscriptions. If, for example, you are paying once a month, your use of the Service will be billed at the new rate if the Service is extended in the following one.

You must terminate and stop using the Services if you do not accept these changes. Bill and terms of use. However, you may alter your methods of payments or your accounting information at any point by using the funds provided on the Website. Notifying us will not influence the fees we will transfer to your settlement bank before we can reasonably respond to your request.

If we issue an account to you, all charges are due and payable upon receipt. In order to recover overdue sums, we may use the services of a third person. They must bear all appropriate expenses incurred by us in collecting overdue sums, as well as appropriate attorneys' expenses and other attorneys' expenses.

We may also discontinue your use of the Services or terminate the Services if your balance is overdue. In order to terminate the Services, you must give us at least 30 days' written notice to do so and you must comply with the procedure we set out on the Website. In the event you terminate, the Services will terminate at the end of your applicable Performance Term after a 30 day grace period.

Failure to terminate as requested will result in the Service being extended for the same period of time and your billing information being charged to us from the first date of the extension period. With respect to each party's right and obligation under these Conditions, each of the parties (the "Disclosing Party") may reveal to the other of the parties (the "Recipient") certain of its own sensitive or protected information ("Confidential Information").

Every beneficiary agreed: i) take at least the same diligence to protect the disclose party's sensitive information as the receiver does to maintain the privacy of its own sensitive information, but no less than appropriate diligence; ii) use the disclose party's sensitive information only in conjunction with the performance of its duties and performance of its obligation under these Conditions;

that the only staff and agents who have direct contact with the Confidential Information of the disclosing partner will be those who need to know who has consented to comply with the duties described in this Section in accordance with a non-disclosure obligation in writing.

Content privacy. It is our commitment to take reasonable precautions, whether administration, physics or technology, to ensure the safety, privacy and health of the Content. With the exception of Content you request in conjunction with our client assistance, we will (i) not change the Content, (ii) not reveal the Content unless required to do so by a government authority, by statute, to investigate events that may result in system or wireless breaches, or if you specifically allow us to do so in a written form, or (iii) make Content available except to deliver the Services or to resolve other issues of services or technology.

Any information shall not be considered sensitive information of ours under these conditions if such information: ii ) becomes public knowledge or is otherwise no longer classified or confidential, unless the addressee of such sensitive information breaches these Conditions; or iii) is designed to be independent of the addressee of such sensitive information without breaching these Conditions.

Any confidential information shall continue to be the exclusive property of the discloseor. Proprietary of the client. The Client assures and guarantees that he has all right to the Content necessary for the granting of these right and the use of the Services and that the transfer, storing, retrieval as well as the handling of the Content does not infringe any laws or these Conditions.

Nothing in the property right in connection with the Services shall be assigned to the Customer or any User under these Conditions or any transactions provided for in these Conditions. THEY MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER PREROGATIVES THAT DIFFER FROM STATE TO STATE. We may, for example, discontinue or discontinue your use of or your ability to gain unrestricted acces to the Services:

If we determine that the Services may be suspended indefinitely or that we have decided to discontinue your use of the Services, we will use reasonable commercial endeavours to inform you of the Services. If your use of the Services is interrupted or discontinued, you agree that you will no longer have control over the content held by the Services.

If your current bankroll is not covered by a chargeable renewal agreement with us, we may cancel your bankroll in supplement to our other cancellation rights: i) You do not perform any activities on the Service within 30 calendar days of registration for the Services or ii) You do not perform any activities on an Account for 120 successive calendar day.

If you terminate your membership, any of your content may be deleted. At the end of these conditions for any cause whatsoever, all your right to use or gain recourse to the Services will forfeit. Upon your previous request in writing, we will provide you with restricted use of the Services for the sole purpose of accessing the Content for a period of 30 calendar days from the date of your notice of cancellation of these Conditions or the current period of your subscriptions for which you have purchased the Services.

Conditions of all clauses which by their inherent character are meant to go beyond cessation shall continue in force after cessation of these conditions for any cause whatsoever. This Agreement shall be interpreted and governed in all ways in accordance with the statutes of the State of California, without regard to its conflict of jurisdiction provisions.

All disputes between the disputing Parties shall be submitted to a tribunal in Alameda County, and each Claimant shall waive any and all claims that that tribunal has no individual venue over the Claimant. Any use of the Services is specifically regulated by current law on exports and imports, and the Client must abide by all such law.

Entitlements resulting from or in connection with these conditions must be asserted within one year of the date on which the entitlement arises, unless a longer period for the submission of entitlements is prescribed by domestic legislation. 101 and are licenced to U.S. federal end user end user as limited edition computer commercially available computer program covered by 48 C.F.R. 2.

Autonomous contractor; third parties beneficiary. Both you and we are freelance contractor and nothing in these Conditions shall create any affiliation, contract or agent. No third parties are benefiting from these conditions. If we fail to comply with any of these conditions, this shall not be deemed a waiver of the right to comply with them.

Even after cancellation, our right under these conditions shall continue to exist. No part of these Conditions or your any of their legal or regulatory duties may be assigned to any third parties without our express permission and any attempts by you to do so shall be void. If any part of these conditions is found to be void or unenforceable, that part shall be deemed severable in accordance with the laws in effect and the remainder shall continue in full effect.

None of the foregoing shall be responsible to the other for any delay or non-performance by either of the foregoing for any of its liabilities under these Conditions (other than any obligation to pay) if such delays or non-performance are due to any cause or causes beyond the control of such third parties. The present conditions, as well as the charges for services on the website, constitute the whole contract and supersede all previous contracts between the contracting partners with respect to the object of this contract.

All changes will be valid with the publication of the amended versions of these Conditions on the Services (or with the later entry into force specified above in the amended Conditions). Ongoing use of or reliance on any part of the Services by Customers shall constitute Customer's consent to such changes. In the event that the Client does not accept any of the changes, the Client must terminate and discontinue the use of the Services.

Respecting the mental properties of others, we retain the right to remove or deactivate content that seems to infringe these conditions or governing laws. Under the Digital Millennium Corporation Act of 1998 (the "DMCA"), a remedy is provided for copyrights holders who believe that materials posted on the Web infringe their U.S. copyrights.

In the event that you believe in good faith that Content violates your copyrights, you (or your agent) may notify us by asking us to remove or disable your Content. ii ) Identifying the materials that are alleged to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing conduct and that are to be removed from, or accessed through, the site and the information reasonably sufficient for us to determine their location;

The above information is provided solely for the DMCA's use and we retain the right to reply only to communications that are appropriate for that use. All information we gather from you may be used to personalise your experiences, enhance our services or enhance our level of support, complete transaction processing or periodically email you if identified as such, or dispatch transact email regarding your order.

We will not sell, exchange, transfer or transfer your information, whether publicly or privately, to any other entity for any purpose without your permission, except for the explicit intent to provide the required products or services. When you place an order or input, transmit or retrieve your personally identifiable information, we employ a wide range of safeguards to ensure the privacy of your personally identifiable information.

However, all provided information and sensitive/credit information will be transferred using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and will then be encoded in our Payment Gateways provider databases only to be available to those who have specific privileges to view such information and are obliged to keep the information private. If we believe that such disclosure is appropriate to conform with the requirements of applicable laws, administer our website policy, or safeguard our or others' right, title, or security, we may share your information with others.

All our website, our goods and our service are aimed at persons who are at least 13 years of age or older.

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