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Every day, our travel consultants deal with complex multi-stop and RTW trips. RTW tickets usually take you east via Asia. The attempt to reserve a RTW seat in one of the RTW classes (attempt #1...

. not good...).

I recently wrote a few articles about my efforts to make a journey around the globe for my spouse and me. How does the upgrade of my category withAAdvantage awards work? Initially we didn't have a proper schedule for this journey, but between a few familiar journeys we're making earlier this year and the imminent depreciation of American Airlines in mid-March, it seemed the best period for this journey would be quite soon (February/March).

The majority of your reservations are reimbursable, and even some tickets are not tough obligations. With American Airlines (where I'm trying to make a reservation), for example, you can put an award for 5 free nights on holding, and Southwest Airlines' cancel policies are probably the best out there! Therefore I phoned American Airlines this morning to try to get the first half of my tickets from Cincinnati to Singapore.

My intention is to travel Cathay Pacific First class with Japan Airlines First classes or Japan Airlines Busines classes backed up to Cathay or Japan Airlines. It should be 67,500 mile per passenger for First and 55,000 for business classes. Both Cathay and JAL don't have a Bus Division Awards for the appointments I wish to make in early March, but there is room for American Airlines to go to Shanghai. doesn't show Cathay or JAL, so the only thing it could show was the room from Cincinnati to Chicago and Chicago to Shanghai. On the British Airways website, I looked for the best flight that would take me from Shanghai to Hong Kong and then to Singapore, and noted it down before I called.

After I had the flight I was looking for, I phoned American AAdvantage and talked to a ticket broker. She was not really able to find a free seat anyway, so I had to give her the flight quite well anyway.

It could find the Chicago to Shanghai connections from Cincinnati, but not the desired Shanghai (PVG) to Hong Kong connection. Finally she came back after 5,000 minutes stay (maybe a little exaggeration) and said that she could find this plane (CX 369) but had put me in the midst of the Hong Kong to Singapore overnight one.

We have better quality air travel, and we are permitted by law to stay in Hong Kong for up to 24hrs ( see also ...): My desired plane departs Hong Kong around 4 p.m., which would give us most of the time to visit Hong Kong before we continue the awards to Singapore.

Again I'm 99% sure that the seat will open on at least Cathay or JAL Trans in the 10-14 day period before the flight, so 99% sure that I don't really have to actually travel this route, but it's at least reassuring for me that I have this as a back up.

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