Low Cost Private Jet Travel

Cost-effective private jet transport

Private Texas Charter Jet | Cheap Private Airfares Merlin IIIB is perfect for crossing the Lone Star State. Comfortable, efficient, dependable, quick and cost-effective, a real working horse able to meet all internal travel needs. It' s luxury enough to be stylishly relaxing and roomy enough to hold all your equipment. Does your traveling needs get you further away?

Let yourself be tempted by a Mexican seaside retreat, a Las Vegas Casino, a Scottsdale game, a day out on the beach, a stroll in New York? Whether it' a friend or familiy, shop or amusement, if you want to transcend the state border, think of the Learjet 35. Featuring an unbelievable climbing capacity and an upper limit of 45,000 feet, Lear can overcome most of the elements, most of the road and most of the commotion.

Come to your destination at 480 km/h and toast us while you do it. Lear 35 has a cruising distance of over 2,100 mph. When you want to have a large group, an additional deck of shots or just want to relax in the comfortable standing height, it may be a good idea to start trading up to Lear 60.

Epitomising luxurious yet amazingly affordably priced, the Lear 60 will amaze you every single and every way you go on aboard. It'?s your turn to go.

Private jet companies provide low cost charters to the Bay Area.

Jet charters are starting a new Los Angeles Bay Area flight offering the benefits of private travel at the cost of corporate carriers. The JetsuiteX will be offering slightly more than $100 in travel from Burbank to Concord, California. Although JetsuiteX does provide lower cost flight services from Burbank to Oakland - for example $68 - JetsuiteX believes it provides a totally different travel environment.

These include brief waiting times in the terminals, free beverages and private jet aircraft with no more than 30 seats. "When you want to get to the TSA one and a half hours earlier, when you want to push through the TSA routes, through the downtown terminals, then when you want to queue until your boarding number is dialed, and when you want to be in the center chair, then you want to be in another big TSA at the other end where you have to queue for another 45 min for your pockets, that's good and nice," said JetSuiteX chief executive Alex Wilcox.

"The point of private aviation is to fly less hours to the airports than to the planes." There is also the option of chartering a full 30-seater private jet for $299 per passenger per lesson. Burbank will also be offering Vegas services in connection with upcoming services.

It also provides services between Concord and Las Vegas and San Jose to Bozeman, Mont. JetSuite, the service's mother organization, was established in 2006 and is based in Irvine.

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