Passenger Taxi


Taxis must have a functioning taximeter that can accept credit card payments. Booking your local taxi company in two steps with the TaxiCaller Passenger App! passengers' and drivers' rights Respect your passenger privileges and take full account of your own security and convenience in rental cars. Guests should board the car, sit down, shut the doors and direct the drivers to reach their destinations. It is forbidden for the rider to refuse the services due to the goal.

Drivers may refrain from maintenance only if there are grounds for concern for their own personal health and wellbeing. The following precautions should be observed by passengers: - Only call and board registered regional cars and notify the passenger of your arrival; the passenger has the right to notify the passenger of his preference.

  • See the Driver's FACE CARDS with the name and number clearly shown on the right passenger's sight and on the passenger information monitor in the rear seat. - Observe the NUMBER shown on the skylight cupola; the character and three digits are the unambiguous PMIN (Public Vehicle Identification Number) that all licenced and recorded circular taxis must have.
  • See the tariff form authorised by the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, attached to the back doors, seats or ventilation windows. - Do NOT allow road sharks from unregistered or unregistered cars. ONLY privat cars may be procured via an authorized electronic application. - You will be taken directly to your final destinations in the Washington Metropolitan Region.
  • 911 is your phone number if you think you are under threat in a car rental, whether privately or publicly.

Medaillon Taxikab passenger list of rights of the medallion

If you' re a taxi cabbie, you have the right: Utilize the E-ZPass tracks and make the E-ZPass tolls; make your payments with your currency, your loan or your debt cards; choose if you want to tip and how much you want to tip your drivers; don't give an extra amount for luggage or help them load your things; a secure and polite chauffeur who complies with all road safety regulations; a chauffeur who doesn't use a mobile telephone (handheld or hands-free) while travelling; a chauffeur who knows the way around town; clear skies, clear skies, clear skies; clear parking; clear parking; clear parking; clear parking; clear parking; clear parking; clear road access; clear parking; clear parking; clear parking; clear parking; and clear parking.

When you think that your right has been infringed by a taxi rider, please file a consumer complaint. For more information, please see 311 Online.

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