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Brasil - Rio de Janeiro: What are the estimated taxi fares? Traditional taxis: The ride begins at R$ 4.80. Extensive taxis: _GO ( this value applies to both kinds of taxis). Rio de Janeiro's licenced traditional cabs are always so yellow: You are strongly advised to always use these kinds of cabs, which are very widespread at Rio de Janeiro airport and are not secure and very costly.

On the above figure, the primary indicator shows the price and the second and smaller indicators show whether you are working with less or more costly tariffs (Price 1 or Price 2). Single driver's cab - amber driver's cabins with no corporate name on their side. Corporate driver's cab - Enterprises that are permitted to pick up passengers from the airports.

There' probably gonna be a line of guys at the exits of the terminal picking up the taxi. Corporate cabins with wardrobe inside the terminal - in this departure area, where persons not coming from flight may not board, shortly after you have received your baggage, there will be many wardrobes with persons who will call you to pick up their taxi.

That' for sure, but it's a little more than the second one. The website can give you an impression of how much you will be paying for a taxi ride: I am pretty sure that on arrival you can only get pre-paid taxi into the city. Price is determined according to target location.

Three-week ago the cheapest price was about 50R$, the highest, I think, a little more than twice as high (probably for something like Copacobana). This means that if you want a taximeter that could be less expensive according to the hour of the morning, it is probably best to go to the exits where ordinary taxi cabs arriving whose driver might be interested in taking a ride.

You can also take a coach to the central railway terminal or to some other places in the city if you are arriving during the workday. Browsing through other queries with the tag Brazilian taxes rio-de-janeiro or ask your own query.

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