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Jake's, one of the nation's top 10 fish eateries, has been a Portland hallmark for over 100 years. Olympic Provisions is a new entrance into Portland's highly competetive dining scene and has already caused a sensation. The Red Cab Taxi will take you to the Red Cab Taxi and you will be able to benefit from the fantastic services!

Finish your night in a stunning way by booking a room at the magnificent Heathman Hotel, just a few minutes from the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and all the city' s main sights. Henry's Tavern is the right place for a visitor. Henry's is in the brewery blocks and serving over 100 draught beer, many from the Portland small breweries.

Situated high up in "The Big Pink", the grill provides a stunning panoramic vista of the town and a delicious eating out. The Portland Town Grill is also a great place to do happy hour! There is nothing more fantastic about discovering Portland than refuelling with a Portland serving of delicious Portland food; the Bijou Cafe is the best place to do just that and enjoy the early bird of Portland sights.

Hey, if you need a taxi drive, you know who to call, right? Located in the heart of Portland's famed Nob Hill retail area, Papa's is a great place to get your little midday snack between your busy powershopping tours. When you need a trip there, you know which local taxi service to call.

Just opposite is one of our best musical boutiques - Millennium and again down at NE 28. is a small stripe of very trendy boutiques and caf├ęs if you choose to prolong your stay in this part of town. OK, I was a little upset when they shut down the old Mallory Hotel, a revered Portland emblem since 1912.

Directly in the city centre, within easy reach of all major attractions, it is also close to the tram line and the MAX. With a great central position in the city centre, with all the luxury you could wish for, Monaco is constantly ranked as one of our best properties.

When you get into the lift and feel yourself girded by tall mobs, don't worry. NBA crews who visit our Portland Trailblazers also remain there. It' only a few minutes walking distance to the Alberta Arts District where you will find many stores, bars, restaurants as well as art galleries. Here you will find a lot of interesting sights. There are many great B&B's in Portland, but this is my favourite, in the lovely historical Irvington District near the Lloyd Center.

A leading hotel in Portland in the centre of the town. There is also a minitrain that will take you to the renowned Washington Park Rose Gardens and Japanese Gardens. The Portland China Garden, opened in 2000, is one of our most attractive and interesting sights. Extending over an area of the town, this genuine Scholar's Garden is full of detail, China cultural and quiet natural beauties.

Suzhou during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.). On the inside there is a teahouse, a sea, a scholar's room, several nice gazebos, China arts and much more. It is also a good place on a wet night as most paths are overcast and the gutters are specifically engineered to make calming noises when the rain drops from them.

The Portland Children's Museum, established in 1946, is one of the oldest in the country. This legendary Portland institutional was established in 1971 and is probably the biggest new and used bookshop in the book trade in the whole wide range. Don't ever get out of Portland without visiting Powell's City of Books. Established in 2003, the Portland Jazz Festival has quickly become one of the most loved festivals in Portland.

Located near inner city hotel facilities, the event locations make it simple to mix world-class Jazz with the conveniences for which Portland is renowned. The Portland Cinco De Mayo Fiesta has become one of our most beloved shows in its twenty-fifth year. Grandfather of all Portland festival, packed with shows, carnivals, parades, seamen, rosarians, ladies and princesses, this is by far one of the most fantastic festival you should attend.

Meanwhile, girl strut along the promenade and hope to win the Rose Festival award - a sailor's cap. Rose Festival is a traditional age! Each year there are a number of the world's best blue singers and Portland's own star-players. Oregon Brewers Festival is a real show in Portland; at every turn there are over 80 artisanal beer brands from all over the nation, but frankly - the focus is always on locals.

3 uninterrupted day meals, Oregon beers, wines, tunes and more, all in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. It is the ideal opportunity to try the best foods and drinks that Portland and the area have to offer in one place. An extensive list of living musical happenings in and around Portland.

Constructed in 1984, it is still considered one of the most attractive architecture projects in Portland. Films - Portland has many ply theatres with first class films throughout the subway area - it should be simple to find something you like. If you order your meal and drinks, find a place and they will show you.

There is the Mission Theatre near NW Portland city centre which you will definitely like. Below are a few helpful tips to help you find an activity to suit your taste: Portland has many advantages, one of which is that there are many great ways to enjoy the rich wildlife of the Pacific Northwest without ever abandoning the area.

Portland's mild weather is commonly referred to as the Western Ocean/Moderate Rainforest, so local people and tourists can experience a wide variety of indigenous and tropical plants, making Portland a paradise for gardeners. 700 N Rosa Parks Way The city's first ever Rosengarten and one of the most scenic areas of the entire natural beauty days includes nearly 9,000 plants on its 2 acre property at the south end of Peninsula Park.

Featuring most of its pristine characteristics such as the 100 year old Spring Well, Pavilion, Street Lamps, Columns of Stones and huge Brick Works, this breathtaking example of a shaped Rosengarten is definitely a fabulous one. Go for a walk through the gardens and let yourself be carried away into a period that is much easier and less frantic than the life we all live today.

A few great early Portland Craftsman bungalows are located right in front of the gardens, so go through the nearby neighbourhood to enjoy the views. What about a great day that won't blow your budget: Take the MAX line to the northern end, get off at Rosa Parks Way (formerly Portland Blvd.), stop at New Seasons Market Arbor Lodge and enjoy a pick nick at their fantastic delicatessen.

Then go eastwards (away from the tram line) via the Interstate Highway 5 approx. 6 block to the parking lot. Portland Japan Garden - Washington Garden, 503-223-1321 The Portland Japan Garden was opened in 1967 and is now one of the most authentically landscaped in the United States. Created by Professor Takuma Tono, an international renowned expert on Japan's landscaping, the garden in Washington PD is situated near the Rose Garden and is one of the most attractive attractions in the region.

There are five different types of gardens, each intended to convey a feeling of tranquillity, peacefulness and balance. The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens - SE 28th & Woodstock, 503-771-8386 Lovely at any time of the year, this 9th 5-hectare Gardens can be the most attractive in early season, when the rhododendrons are in bloom and the gardens are blossoming with wonderful colours and scents.

More than 2,500 hododendrons, Azalea and accompanying vegetation make the gardens a colourful place from the beginning of April. Even many Portlanders don't know anything about this purple backyard, located in a bend on the way to Pill Hill (Oregon Health Science University), so no one blames you for not being acquainted with the area.

By chance, if you are in the city while the lilac blossoms (late March to early May), a walk through this small corner of the gardens will overpower your sense of sight and aroma. Only a few hundred metres from the gardens is the Marquam Nature Park Shelter Trailhead, which takes you 3.8 kilometres to Council Crest with breathtaking views of Portland and the surrounding hills.

We take the great nature seriously and have nothing against dividing a part of our urban area with the locals. Here is a shortlist of just a few of Portlanders' favourites, right on the edge of town: And of course - one cannot go to Portland without seeing the town' s offical heron.

A best-kept secret of Portland, this stunning view covers nearly 2,000 hectares and makes it one of the biggest conservation areas within an American city. Situated in the midst of the northern Portland trade and harbour complexes, the Smith and Bybee Natural Area is barely congested and is well rewarded for a 10-minute ride from town.

Just a few minuts from the city centre lies this 150 hectare nature reserve with over 4 kilometres of wonderful woodland paths and many bird, wild and indigenouslife. There is a small stock of old Douglas fir on the site, which reminds us of how the whole wood was once.

Paths in the Shrine are connected to the vast net that leads through the Waldark. This is the USA's biggest urban garden, with 5,000 hectares of luxuriant woodland and beautiful nature. Looking out over the Willamette River, the reserve extends almost eight nautical miles along a north-south route. When you' re excited enough, start the 30 mile Wildwood Trail in Washington PD and head to Pittock Mansion, then drive on until you get to the end of Wald PD.

What about an easy 2-mile ascent to the top of Portland's own dormant vulcano? Mt Tabor Park, in SE Portland, is one of Portland's most distinctive park and definitely offers one of the most stunning vistas in the area. Located not too far from the Hawthorne District, it's an enjoyable walk to the summit, where you'll see the stunning Portland Quarter on the eastern side with Mt Hood in the background.

There are plenty of opportunities between the park and game reserves to trek for a while without having to cross the town boundaries. The Eagle is the right place for everyone who appreciates a sound spirit tale. The place is known to be the most cursed place in Portland and has a pretty rich and shameful past.

Originally called after the bucket of bloody because of the many battles and murders that took place inside, The White Eagle Saloon Ghost is definitely the creepiest place in Portland. Often men were schanghait by the White Eagle, stunned and rode to boats, where they woke up to be on a two-year sea-journey.

In 1948, the smallest 452 square meter parc in the whole wide open space of the planet was built on St. Patrick's Day to be a goblin community and a place for slug racing. Since 1976 it has been an officially municipal garden.

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