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Here is a short overview of the taxi fares in San Francisco and for trips to the surrounding area. Disabled Access Wheelchair Accessible Fort Jackson Taxi Service. Take a look at our cheap Santa Monica flat rates to the most popular places in LA! In Lincoln and Omaha our prices are the same. Taxi services at St.

John are not measured; prices are per person per destination and are set by VI Taxicab Division.

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If the meter detects that the taxi is traveling less than 8-12 MPH, the meter will calculate a fee of $0.23 every 25 seconds ($32.40 per hours of waiting). If a taxi journey departs from McCarran International Airport, an extra $2.00 per journey will be added to the meter.

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In Lincoln and Omaha our prices are the same. The Nebraska People' Service Commission (NPSC) has authorised three different tariffs. For more information on taxi rules, please consult the company's website ( Tariff 1, Developed for the general audience travelling within the urban boundaries. Tariff 2, developed for senior citizens travelling inside or outside the urban area.

Tariff 3, Developed for the general population travelling outside the urban boundaries. There is a one-time charge of $2.95'Load Fee' on top of the kilometre price if you get into a taxi and start your journey. There are also Flatrates to and from Omaha airport hotels. The tariffs are conceived to be the minimum possible number of kilometres (not always the fastest) and are without stopovers.

Proud to offer excellent prices and excellent after sales services. Every month all our trucks are checked to make sure that our vehicle park is as secure as possible. It is also required that our riders physically pass a DOT and pass a full back check. Proud to offer the best Omaha cover with our liquor and very proud to offer every journey at the best possible cost.

St. John: Taxis & Tariffs

Taxi cabs are a favourite means of transport for St. John residents. One of the most favourite taxi areas is the open-air liveaboard (converted lorries; loading areas are equipped with a bank in a roofed outdoor area). Taxi services at St. John are not measured; prices are per passenger per point of arrival and are determined by VI Taxicab Division.

The taxi tariffs are listed below. The Star Fish Tour & Taxi Service is St. John's best for privately owned transport companies! Accommodation includes wedding parties, excursions to the beaches, excursions to the islands and any kind of transport - just let us know where and when you want to go! Often they are waiting for taxi riders at the taxi stands at Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay.

Registered taxis are marked with: a taxi poster or skylight cupola on the rooftop, number plate showing taxi taxis state, an On Duty/Off Duty plate in the car's windows, and a plate, usually on the mudguard, showing passengers seating area. Even though the prices are standardised, it is advisable that you talk to the chauffeur and accept your overall price (for you, your group, your baggage, wait, tour) before getting into the taxi.

A lot of cabs are multi-destination and some can take up to 26 people; often the driver is waiting to fill his car before leaving (especially from the port and favourite beaches like Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay). Please refer to the Special Conditions section for the price lists for sight-seeing tours, baggage fares, personal taxi fares, week fares and other information.

A taxi operator registered for service shall not reject a person unless the person is drunk and disordered or in possess of a domestic or animal (other than a guide dog) which is not duly restrained in a case of a cage or other appropriate box. Outward and return fares: twice the one-way rate plus queuing fees.

Single occupancy, the ticket price plus one third of the base price. Extra more than one individual; append $1.00 to each passengers. A surcharge of $2.00 per adult will apply between 12:00 and 6:00 pm. Every individual who requests a taxi solely for him/herself: tariff to be agreed between the taxi company and the passenger(s).

Baggage: There is a $2 per piece charge on the price of each pass. Price for articles over 30?x must not be higher than $4 per article. Rates per hour (1-4 persons): Tariffs for extra travel are arranged between the taxi company and the travelers. It is necessary for all travellers to be released from their seats in the places of their choice when the ticket price is acceptable and arranged.

City Tours: 2 hour - One traveller $50; two or more travellers $25 per each. 3-hour - One ticket $70; two or more tickets $35 per each.

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