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Find directions, reviews and information for Premium Taxi in Allentown, PA. Find information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews about Premium Taxi in Providence, RI. Hamilton St Premium Taxi 1444, Allentown, PA 18102 I' m calling the taxi dispatch and I' m telling myself 20 mins. That'?s terrible company and non-professional.

So, the dispatchers are extremly impolite and disorganized, I call a taxi and they forget to come and get me, I had to call back an hour later, these guys don't know how to run a business well.

So I asked to talk to the executive because I was not satisfied with how the man who was working as a dispatcher today at 11:30 am could NOT tell anyone about this taxi-duty. Well, I got a taxi call and was informed 30 minutes later. It'?s the baddest firm ever.

A taxi was shouted and said 10 min that they got up 5 min later and were handled very well by the chauffeur. Poorest taxi company ever! Über must take Alllllllllll from theyre clients because they won't be able to keep them.........teeerrible terribly terribly terribly terribly! When I could give them 10000 star, I would call a taxi to get me to work, n they would call me back at 710 when I asked to be collected, n they said they wouldn't come there to collect, which was a lying because I got into the taxi the other time.

The guy says to me that the taxi would come in 20 min, after 55 min I phoned again and rudely said to myself that it came to me 5 more mins good 20 min later, a terrible wait, which I only wait because I would go too far. You didn't even come, theispatcher didn't even spoke English....

{\POS TERING }WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS IS THIS? The dispatcher is totally imprecise with the waiting time, terribly non-professional "Third World" in best society. and they told me to get $34. At the moment I am working at a reception and have to use a taxi for our clients.

I' ve given this taxi business many opportunities to show off, but unfortunately they have always let me down. We want to have a taxi that is able to accommodate our clients as well as we do, and since this business is still inefficient, we had to find another one.

Since we are in the field of client services, we are checked every day and do not like to listen to nasty things about our resort, it has been teaching me when it is really worth telling a firm how it can improve. The only recommendation I make for this store is to employ people who know how to interact with other clients and give them the amount of free and respectful attention they earn as we as clients give you our store.

Help to comprehend English for route description and pick-up adress. Taxi de tondo lo taxi que illamad..... Of all the taxis I ordered from Allentown Premium Arena, I solved it faster. While this is one of the two taxi shops in Allentown, even though they both really vacuum, I like this taxi shop somehow better than the other taxi shop.

When you call, they come quicker than the other companies, and their services are quite bad. good, but - why the long way? The services were good, we made it to the finish where we were quick, but one small thing was that he took the long way, he took the notch!

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