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Booking a Beirut Taxi online from or to Beirut International Airport l tours and excursions in Lebanon. Professional animal transportation in Lebanon. You can use our pet taxi service according to the timetable shown in the right sidebar. In Lebanon all taxis can be recognized by their red number plates. What does a taxi cost in Beirut, Lebanon?

24 / 7 taxi and bus services.

24 / 7 taxi and bus services. The company is based in Hamra, the centre of the town of Beirut, and connects its customers with goals throughout Lebanon. Up to 38 people by bus. Suitable for all types of group travel, aerodrome transfer, host families and much more. Up to 24 persons by bus. A 24/7 taxi cover which covers all areas of Lebanon.

There is also a 24 hour airport transfer.

Yellow Cab Co Inc 30 Hoffman Street, Lebanon, PA 17046

Add to miscellaneous. added to miscellaneous from miscellaneous. deleted from miscellaneous. Lie about the cost said it was $100 until the airfield billed me $180. One out of 10 on customer support and if you ask for a quote on your ticket they will not tell you. Most of them stink of tobacco, I loathe it.

Airport-Transfer Lebanon

? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? Online TAXI ..... <font color="#ffff00">-=Ho?=- proudly presents A new vision of Lebanese taxi services. This rate is valid for up to 3 travelers with baggage inclusive Meet & Greet and 45 minute wait at the airports. Libanese online taxi booking services. Transport partners all over the world: TAXIS 75 - Paris Airports Taxis - Paris, France.

Pets Taxi Lebanon

Our company offers animal transports in Lebanon. You can use our pets taxi services according to the timetable shown in the right side bar. Wherever your pets need to go, we will take them to the hospital, to the vet, to the airfield and to the nearest destination. Booking and paying for your travel can be done on-line or by contacting us for further information and availabilities.

Your pets will be transported with a lot of care and care.

Lebanon taxi or hire cars - Beirut Forum

2 of us travelling to Beirut next weekend for 3 days. is it better to rent a vehicle with a resident chauffeur or take a "full day" taxi for our trips? how much is that? a good Friend of mine said to us, the cost of a taxi from the Beirut Airport to the town is about 50 Euro? is that right?

Hello Robbie, The cost between the airports and the Beirut City Center, Hamra or Achrafieh can be between 20 and 25 US$. A taxi can cost between $60 and $100/day, according to what you want to see and what options you have to bargain. I can' t help you about hiring a vehicle with a locals chauffeur, but in Lebanon you have the same rent a cars as anywhere else in the globe, so you can just ask them directly.

The best option is to hire a vehicle with a chauffeur. Last year I did that and it was $60 a head for my drivers and my cars. It was a medium sized 4-door Hundai 2010, we payed specially for petrol, but the guy took us wherever we wanted. Except for the fact that in Lebanon running a motor vehicle is crazy.

Taxidrivers take advantages of the tourists, so ask the hotels personnel to tell you how much a trip should be before you deal with a taxi operator..... It was a great, but brief period of my return from Lebanon. Found a taxi for every 3 days and payed 120US$ per night. A certified Flughafentaxifahrer ( "airport taxi driver") charges $50 between the airports and any part of Beirut, while a taxi rider charges $40 for the same itinerary.

So I went to Bahalbak and back and to Byblos and to the airfield. To Beirut' s downtown Beirut International Airports is 25000 libanese pounds....about 17.00 US. Booking on the Allo Taxi website. I' ve been to Beirut 7 x in the last 12 month and never more than 20,000 lives to Hamra or Ein El Mreisseh.

Negotiating or pretending to be locals. Yes, AlloTaxi will charge 25000 Euros, but if you are clearly a visitor like me, it is a problem to be able to handle the negotiations with the taxi driver at the taxiport. It' s a piece of cake, especially if you are in Lebanon for the first fortnight.

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