Maxi Cab Surcharge

Maximum cabin surcharge

More than 4 Passenger Surcharges for admission to Singapore, Singapore News & Top Stories Together with other cabin providers, KomfortDelGro will charge a surcharge if more than four people are sitting in a sedan car. Starting next Monday, ComfortDelGro's seven-seater maxi cabs will charge an extra $3 per capita charge for the fifth, six and seven seaters. Supposedly with a total of almost 160 maxi Cabs in its own fleets, comfortDelGro did not answer any questions as to why it had chosen to levy the surcharge now.

This surcharge is usual for taxi companies such as Premier, Prime and SMRT. It is not advisable to have this award now as we are faced with Uber and GrabCar competitors. SMRT has been charging a $2 surcharge for each person over four adult passengers in its seven-seat Ssangyong and London cabs since 2011.

When asked if the company would be following ComfortDelGro's $3 surcharge, Tony Heng, general director of SMRT Taxis, said: "We' ll check these supplements from year to year and adjust them if necessary." Premier, which also receives a similar surcharge of $2 per person for its seven-seater SilverLux aircraft, has no plan to alter its price policies.

Prime, which runs several MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) taxi types, charges a $9 per ride surcharge if there are more than four people in the quad. Several MaxiCab operators voiced concerns that once this contract had been awarded, travellers might begin to avoid them. And she added: "What clients may not know is that ComfortDelGro is one of the last businesses to do this.

It is not advisable to get this award now as we are competing with Uber and GrabCar."

A new surcharge is levied on trips with more than four persons by MaiCabs.

Singapore- Starting next Monday, each traveler will be subject to a surcharge of S$3 if more than four adults use ComfortDelGro's MaxiCabs, a seven-seater sedan cab. On Friday (29 April), Singapore's biggest cab company, the ComfortDelGro, published a small ad with a reference to the surcharge, but did not explain the reasons for the move.

However, the Administrator merely added that the flat-rate fee is not levied. Also on Monday it was not possible to reach comfortDelGro for comments. The taxi drivers who were spoken to TODAY, however, were horrified by the messages. Mrs Huang Liqi, 54, sometimes drives the MaxiCab to take her 70' old mom to the clinic for an examination, and her dad and household assistant would normally come after her.

However, another normal cab driver was of the opinion that the surcharge would represent a good price-performance ratio for longer journeys. However, in a MaxiCab they would also be paying less with the surcharge. Traffic specialist Park Byung-joon, an extraordinary SIM University lecturer, said the award could be the way for the cab company to help its MaxiCab cab operators "generate more revenues and meet operational expenses.

However, Dr Park pointed out that the supplementary surcharge might make it'less attractive' for travellers to call a MaxiCab, as travellers might not be willing to do so. MaxiCab is one of several sedan cabins in Singapore.

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