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Paris Forum - Ile-de-France Forums. Do you have a website that shows the location of the official taxi ranks in Paris? Every good map of Paris should indicate where there are taxi ranks. Marking a taxi in Paris can be difficult; it is best to find an official taxi rank.

The passports cover the whole of Île-de-France (i.e. all the passports).

Taxi rank locations - Paris Forum

Do you have a website that shows the locations of taxi ranks in Paris? On 7 May we will stay at 58 Bld de la Tour Maubourg and have to take a taxi to the RER train terminal to get to Epernay. When you go southwards on the Tour Maubourg Blanc and pass the next road, there is a taxi rank directly in front of the metro stop.

Looks like a waiting room with TAXI in blank characters on a big black shield. It can be seen with Google Maps road map opposite Café La Source. Your English number is 01 41 27 66 99. If you are calling from a Paris fixed line, let the first zero fall.

Thanks, it's actually the RE for uninterrupted operation: Thanks, everyone! cajargal - these days you can also call a taxi on the road. One can never say whether there will be a taxi, neither on the road nor at a booth. As a pre-warning only - some things look like taxi stands, but are just quiet zones for the drivers - it's difficult to distinguish.

Although there are some places where taxi ranks are routine full of cabs, e.g. in the Bastille near the Opera, most taxi ranks seem to be missing cabs - maybe they come by sometimes, but we have found that unlike other towns we have frequented, we are not dependable places to get cabs if you have a crisis of sorts.


8 most important tips for Parisian travellers

Although I have been to Paris too often to be able to keep track and have spent too many month living there, there are always things I need to learn or remember. This is my latest top tip for Paris travellers so you can have a secure, trouble-free journey and concentrate on seeing, doing and dining everything you want instead of having to complain about the little things that went astray.

When you need to take one (i.e. it's raining), use the taxi rank lists or the taxi rank application (see below links) to find the taxi rank near you. You can also call Les Taxis Bleus and order a taxi for an additional surcharge. It' s courteous to do that, it' s the way it is in France and it will make you laugh.

There is no need to talk French to come here, but apologise first or try a few words in French before you start with English: These do not contain half of the Paris roads, and the printing of road titles is very small and difficult to understand. One good website you can use when you' re traveling within Paris is

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