Duplicate Taxi bill Format

Double Taxi Invoice Format

Each time you create a new invoice, you must duplicate and rename your original file. CLIENTS - Professional Bill Book Design. Duplicate receipt is a very useful document that can create a copy of the actual receipt issued for a specific purpose.

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Free duplicate receipt template | Receipt templates

Various documents have been created for various transaction categories in economic units. Voucher is a fundamental documentary letter delivered by the vendor of a certain item or a certain type of services to the client as soon as he has received remuneration for the delivered item or services.

This is a very widespread version of the formal documents, which are used for both organisational and personal use. This voucher serves as confirmation of your purchase of the products and services and can also be used for payment transaction. What if you loose this paper due to misunderstandings or mistakes?

You may then need a duplicate that is genuine and can be accepted on a legally valid base. So what's a double bill? Duplicate vouchers are very useful documents that can create a copy of the real voucher that has been created for a specific use. It has the same items and is the same as the source voucher.

The duplicate can be requested by the sellers at the moment of the sale. In some cases, the salesperson will create a duplicate himself. They will pass the copy on to the client and carry the duplicate with them for later use and storage.

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