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s_span class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

Korea Air Lines Co., Ltd. Korea Air (Hangul: ????; RR: Daehan Hanggong) (KRX: 003490) is the biggest South Korean air company and flagship in terms of aircraft fleets, destination and flight schedule. Headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea, the company is headquartered globally. Korea Air was established in 1946 as Korean National Airlines.

In 1969, after several years of activity and growth, the company was completely privatised. Korea Air's global travel department and its associated affiliate cargo department together operate to 127 towns in 44 different nations, while the home department operates to 12 different locations. One of the 20 largest carriers in the globe in the number of transported air travelers, it is also the leading global freight carrier.

Korean Air's global airport is Incheon Airport. Korea Air also operates a campsite for the Korean central office in Incheon. Most of Korean Air's pilot, flight crew and cabin crew are located in Seoul. Launch of the Boeing 747 for its 1973 Pacific Intercontinental Lines. Until the Boeing 747 was introduced in 1973, Boeing 707s operated to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Los Angeles.

Launched in 1973, the carrier launched Boeing 747 on its Pacific route and launched a 707 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10 flight to Paris, France. By 1975, the carrier became one of the first to deploy Airbus planes in Asia by purchasing three Airbus A300s, which were immediately put into operation on Asia route.

Since at that point the air traffic in the North Korean and Soviet Union skies was forbidden to Korean planes, the EU airspace had to be planned eastwards from Korea, e.g. Gimpo-Anchorage-Paris. On March 1, 1984, a revamped painting in the colors black, white and red with a new Korean Air company emblem in the Taegeuk style was launched, and the name of the carrier was renamed Korean Air Lines to Korean Air.

Developed in collaboration between Korean Air and Boeing. Korean Air was the first carrier to use the new McDonnell Douglas MD-11 to complement its new Boeing 747-400 jet family in the 1990', but the MD-11 did not perform to the airline's specifications and was finally rebuilt as a freighter.

Several older 747 aircrafts were also rebuilt for cargo traffic. Korean Air said on June 5, 2007 that it would establish a new low-cost airline in Korea named Jin Air to rival the Korean high-speed rail system KTX, which offers lower tariffs and less strict safety practices than airfare.

Korea Air announces that part of the 737s and A300s will be handed over to Jin Air. Korean Air purchased a 44% share in Czech Airlines in 2013. The Korean Air Operations Center (???? ??[11]) is headquartered in Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. Korea Air also has office at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul.

The other Korean Air hub are located at Jeju International Airport, Jeju and Gimhae International Airport, Busan. Korea Air is also an affiliate of Emirates' Air Fares programme, Skydwards. Members of skywards can accumulate mileage on Korean Air travel and spend it on free travel. Korea Air provides four kinds of First Class, three kinds of Prestige and two kinds of Economy classes.

The Prestige Class includes Prestige Sleeper on all Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380 and 777-200ER planes with Kosmo Suites, Prestige Plus on most Boeing 777-200ER fleets, most Boeing 747-400 fleets and a Boeing 777-300 as well as old Prestige Class seating. "The Prestige Sleeper can be tilted 180° while the Prestige Plus can be tilted 172°.

"The Old Prestige Class only has 138 -degree tilt, although these except for Boeing 737s are being used. The Economy Class can be tilted up to 121 degree. New Economy Class seating will be available on all Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 777-200ER with Kosmo Suites, all Boeing 777-300s, some Airbus A330-300s, some Airbus A330-200s, the Airbus A380 (factory installed) and new Boeing 747-8i planes.

38 ] It is situated on the top decks of the Business and Prestige cabins and is only available to First and Prestige customers. Ski Pass is Korean Air's airline programme for frequented travel. "The " Ski Pass " also applies to the Korean air traveler's red map. Skip up Tatiana Rokou (December 13, 2012).

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