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Booking FAQs for Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji to Dubai International Flights. Learn how airlines set their ticket prices - and tips to beat them in your own game. Go to any branch to book a flight immediately or book it online at any time. The new AirAsia offer for international airline tickets: Clients can book air tickets from Bhubaneswar to Kuala Lumpur at the price of Rs.[ANA Official Website] Changes and Refunds?

International Flights?

Ticket prices begin from 3.999 RM

And AirAsia has also introduced its Mid Summer Sale range on home departures. As part of the "Mid Summer Sale" AirAsia is selling international air fares at a start fare of around 3,999 US dollars. Special offers are available for ticket bookings until 13 May 2018 and the travelling season is until 31 October 2018 as stated on the airline's website.

With AirAsia you can buy ticket for Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Perth, Bali, Auckland, Tokyo and others. Within the scope of the package, it is possible to purchase complimentary travel passes from a variety of towns including New Delhi, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Kochi, Tiruchirappalli, etc. Please note that this service is only available for reservations made on Here you will find everything you need to know about AirAsia's Mid Summer Sale offer:

Clients can buy airline ticket from Bhubaneswar to Kuala Lumpur for the fare of 3.999kr. Air fares from Bhubaneswar to Phuket via Kuala Lumpur are 4.871r. Airfare from Kochi to Don Mueang via Bangkok costs 4.999r. Airfare from Calcutta to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur costs 15.373 RM.

Jaipur also tasted to Phuket via Kuala Lumpur 7.358. General Business Rules of the "Mid Summer Sale" of AirAsia: Special offers apply to new purchase only and places are restricted and may not be available on all services. AirAsia's offers are based on AirAsia's own transport policy and delivery time.

Pakistan International Airlines: Low cost flight tickets and offers

The PIA Awards +Plus Reward Programme is a graduated member programme where PIA repeat flyers can accumulate points for flight awards. The Awards +Plus allow travelers to use their accrued mileage for free travel, seating upgrade and more. Travelers can accumulate points not only on PIA air travel, but also when purchasing from PIA partner airlines.

When you book a flight or purchase from PIA affiliates, please include your PIA Awards +Plus number to make sure you get the most out of your Awards +Plus member. The PIA has some check-in choices for its travellers, based on how much luggage you carry. PIA has set up special "No Wait" desks for those who do not carry luggage, which are operational and will help speed up the airfield adventure.

When travelling within Germany and without baggage, you can use PIA's City Check-In function up to 72 hrs before your flight. Allows you to make an early check-in and jump over the waiting line to get to your flight more quickly. You can take your flight card and papers 30 min before your flight to the on-board area with the City Check-In.

There is also someone at the airports for those with luggage or when they need extra help who is willing to assist you.

At PIA, seating is free, but your ticket classes are bound to the areas you select (Economy areas only for Business areas and Only for Business areas). Those who require additional legroom must await their flight date to select their seating, and seating will be allocated on a first come, first served principle.

Customers who wish to pre-select their seats can do so via the PIA website by registering when making their reservation or by dialing PIA's toll-free reservation number 1-800-844-0524, 24. If you fly with PIA, your free luggage is bound to your ticket category (either Economy or Business Plus) and your flight itinerary, but overall PIA's free luggage is ample.

Inland flights: You will be allocated 1 bag, maximum 20 kg, per person. There will be 2 bags of 2 items of cargo, the aggregate mass of which will not exceed 30 kg per person. PIA inland services have an extra charge of USD 28 per item (plus centralised consumption tax).

Surplus carry-on shall not exceed 28 kg. Carry-on bags in the master stateroom are contingent on your ticket category.

National and international flights: Efficiency is what counts: 1 handbag with a maximal mass of 7 kg (maximum size 38 x 22 x 55 cm, i.e. 115 cm overall size combined). It weighs a full 12 kg, with one carry-on bag weighing a full 7 kg and another smaller bag (briefcase) weighing a full 5 kg (maximum size 38 x 22 x 55 cm, 115 cm combined).

A number of trails have their own luggage labels, and it is advisable to consult the PIA website to see if you are within the specified luggage allowance. PIA is offering a 30% rebate on home departures between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. for those looking for cheap fares on their air ticket, so remember this for your next home PIA flight!

PIA travel is full of entertaining entertainments that will delight the whole hostage. The most difficult part with the backrest choices available to you will be choosing which light fixture to have! Ranging from beloved films and TV shows in English and Punjabi to tunes, puzzles, an on-board flight tracking device and children-only entertainments.

Your flight is running fast with PIA's entertaining features. Recently, onboard menu selections have been upgraded at passenger level so travellers can enjoy new, exquisite menu selections, all of which are reflected in the ticket prices. Depending on the length and routing of your trip, your choice of snacks depends on the length of your trip, but wherever you travel, your choice of tasty foods and beverages is always available.

PIA provides a wide range of food from the West and Pakistan for full board travellers to try during their flight. The PIA provides specific food services for those with nutritional limitations. PIA is there with specific diets like diabetics, dull, gluten-free, high fibre and more to ensure you get the most out of airlines' food.

Be sure to inform PIA at least 24hrs in advance and note that not all meals are available for each itinerary. PIA will be pleased to help you prepare your meals. Please get in touch with PIA before your trip. For PIA flights, all passengers must be adults, without exception, but passengers are entitled to reduced fares according to ages.

If your baby cannot stand up correctly on his or her own, be sure to have a cradle or protective chair in which he or she can be seated during the flight. Although younger travellers are student travellers, they receive a 10% reduction on all home travel in the economy stateroom.

Make sure that you show your students card on your next domestic flight with PIA and make sure you make savings! The next flight on PIA, you won't have to leave your animal at home. The PIA greets many domestic animals on its flight, although only certain types and races can travel in the cab.

When you travel with your pets in the master stateroom, the baggage rack and your pet's overall weights must meet: Max. girder sizes: Max vehicle body mass (including pet): 7 kg. Max. girder sizes: Max vehicle body mass (including pet): depending on air company and specification. When neither the aircraft cab nor the aircraft holds is an optional extra for your pets, you can contact PIA's Air cargo handling services to see if it is possible to ship your pets as freight.

Animals are not deducted from your free luggage allowances and extra charges are applicable to both your animal and its owner (based on the weights of both). The passenger is liable for all applicable medical data and all travel authorizations for their travel destinations. A lot of jurisdictions have quarantine for domestic animals in place and it is the passengers' responsibility to comply with all legislation regarding the import of their domestic animals.

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