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Empty private legs

On the other hand, empty legs are created after an owner or a full paying customer has been dropped off and the aircraft has to fly back to the base. Access to thousands of empty private jet thighs available worldwide, below are just a few of those currently available. An Empty Legs flight is a flight without passengers to ensure that an aircraft is positioned for a journey at the correct airport. The airlines have tried to solve the idling problem since private jet travel became a business. Blank stages often become available when a private jet is booked for a single flight or the aircraft has to return to the next destination airport.

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Empty legs are private jets that fly without passenger. That happens when an airplane unloads a passenger at its final location and arrives home "empty", or when it travels "empty" to collect a passenger at another one. Using an empty space can allow you to achieve significant cost reductions over ad hoc charters.

In the following you will find only a small choice of the currently available empty legs. So if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just submit a request or call us and we'll try to re-schedule the empty section to suit your specific needs.

The Delta Private Jets offer unrestricted free flight availability.

It is Delta Private Jets' intention to introduce its new Sky Acces on-line subscription programme, which will provide members with unrestricted free entry to empty en-route services in parallel to regular rates of private jets every hour. At $8,500 for first year subscriptions and $6,000 for renewals, the Sky Accessories programme makes luxurious trips accessible.

Blank routes are non-passenger departures to make sure an airplane is placed at the right destination at the right time for a journey. These repositionings create the possibility for last-minute travels without charges for Sky Access members. Clients transferring at selected aerodromes can enjoy seamless and luxurious travelling, both on the ground and in the skies, thanks to a new Delta Private Jets and Porsche passenger jet services.

The Delta Private Jets-labeled Porsche SUVs offer a free shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off experience at Cincinnati/North Kentucky International (CVG), Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (ATL), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport. The Delta Private Jet Card members connecting private and business services at these aerodromes will be driving one of the latest Porsche aircraft at a high level of performance.

When arriving, the passenger is welcomed by a private aircraft chauffeur, drives luxury in a Porsche to the central air traffic control station and is accompanied and executed by Delta agent through safety control to the connection aircraft.

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