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Flight tickets - What is an open ticket?

Travelling routes consist of two parts: an item in a reservations management system (Global Distribution System or GDS such as Sabre or Galileo) containing all reserved flight (s) and referred to as PNR (Passenger Name Record) or location, and a ticket containing a coupon rate suitable for travelling from one place to another.

Usually there is one voucher per flight (but there are cases where there are additional vouchers, the so-called open pine trees, for which no flight is purchased). Previously all ticketing was printed on hard copy, but for many years now most ticketing has been done electronically. Every flight voucher is intended for bought flight journeys from one aerodrome to another and contains in most cases date, flight start date and flight number.

Open ticket is a ticket where some vouchers indicate only the two aerodromes that flew to and from a particular date, point in flight or flight number. Open ticket must be printed ticket for some carriers, not electronically ticket. In the past, open ticketing was quite frequent in the day when all ticketing was printed on hard copy, all tariffs were variable and allowed changes, and more travelers travelled without set deadlines in the back of their minds.

But since almost all ticketing is electronically and most tariffs are severely limited, they are scarce. I' ll be answering the three specifically asked questions: Exactly what is an open ticket? Open ticket is a ticket with at least one voucher that does not perform a particular flight on a particular date.

So how do you get a real flight from one? Let the airlines or a tour operator make a booking for the desired flight and in the PNR lists specify the ticket number you have. Subsequently, the corresponding voucher in the ticket is confirmed by completing the reserved flight.

Some airlines require a ticket on hard copy, which is a major limitation. They have to buy the ticket with a tariff that allows open ticketing, which can also be a big problem these days. What's more, they have to buy the ticket with a tariff that allows open ticketing. In the past, open ticketing was used for multi-part journeys such as round-the-world tariffs and single round journeys at fully tariffs.

A case in which they were particularly useful is the purchase of a ticket, but some planned flight are too far away in the near term to be uploaded to the booking system and therefore not available for booking. Humans could avoid this by just taking the last few trips from and to the airports.

Later on, when the requested flight was available, they reserved it and used corresponding vouchers of the current ticket. Due to the restrictions of open ticket, it is becoming more and more frequent for those who want to do the same to make their travel route with a flight on data they do not want to fly ("dummy dates").

If the actual data is within the reservation screen (which may vary, but is usually 330-365 days), modify the flight from the data from dummies to actual data. In this way it is avoided that one ever has an open ticket, but it also books places on planes that are not meant for the use that the airline companies do not like.

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