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Receive reviews, hours, directions, vouchers and more for Houston 24 Hour Airport Taxi & Towncar at 2800 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX. For those in Milwaukee, WI! there are 24 hour airport taxis available. Please contact Airport Town Car to receive your airport transfer.

At Katy TX Airport Taxi, we specialize in providing excellent 24-hour taxi, city car and limousine transportation services in and around Katy, TX. Our company offers a 24-hour taxi service to Richmond, Chesterfield Co., Henrico Co., Hannover Co. and surroundings.

24 hours Houston Airport Taxi & Towncar 2800 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056

DON'T EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!! And my chief phoned and phoned, but nobody picked up the telephone. Making the booking with a fella by the name of Mike who seemed more interested in discussing policy than making the booking. Retrospectively, I would have put the telephone down as soon as he began to bark at me about tax and migrants.

Barking about how this firm is run by older folks who just want to make cash and how they have the cheapest prices in the city... blah, blah, blah, blah. I' ve been booking cabs all over the globe, but have never met such a discourteous taxi driver. When I talked to the support representative to reserve an airport taxi, he used a scandalous phrase and cursed me.

I' ve never seen such discourtesy in my whole lifetime. Of course I didn't get the cab! Unprofessionally and rudely, when I phoned to find out why a vehicle hadn't been there, the dispatchers said that he was getting a "lame brain" apology from the chauffeur and that he didn't have anyone else in the area to do it.

When I asked him to acknowledge that he wouldn't do anything, he put the receiver down. DON'T EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!.... Meanwhile, Mike blamed me for having booked three tickets after I phoned to make myself at first, the second that I asked for a baby chair, and the third that I cancelled.

He was insulting, obviously very brief to me from the first moment I phoned, among other things, very poor telephone habits, to put it mildly. DON'T USE THIS FIRM. But how can a firm like this remain in the business? TERRIBLE PEOPLE AND SOCIETY. I' ve got a reservation. Well, I phoned and Mike hanged.

Terrible society!!!! Mike had a confirmation (verbally and by email) for a reservation for a vehicle to take us from Friendswood to the IAH. and they said they didn't have a ride for us. Wish I'd seen this before I wasted my fucking breath. Her offer on the telephone was $15 over what was on the website because of "Obama", then they wanted to calculate $10 more for an extra stop 1 miles away... Okay.

So when I phoned to verify 2 week later, they couldn't find my booking, wanted to bill me $10 more than the initial offer, began to talk about a $20 toll in the port of Houston, and then this guy went on some "Obama" and "Obamacare" curse canon. I will never know what in the whole wide arena the President has to do with trying to get a Houston airport shuttle, but in every way the interactions were either improfessional, scary or both.

Of course, I book my transfers with NCL, instead at a cost that remains the same! Yes, I wish I'd seen this before I phoned - we were booking this firm to come get us after a cruises. 20 min before the pick-up he phoned me and said that the back of the vehicle was not drivable and without other vehicles... "sorry".

Mike " on a Monday reassured me that I had the transport to the airport on Thursday. 30 mins before pickup on Thursday, when I phoned to verify it, he said I was not in the system and they had no cars available. Having travelled from Asia in the last 38 hrs, and these boys have not met their OnTime service guarantee fraud.

When I arrived at the airport 3 hrs later, I finally decided on an alternative means of transport. Disrespectful operator. Don't be wasting your precious moments with this firm! You were supposed to be picking us up two nights later at 9:30. On the evening before we got a call from "Mike" that they cancelled our city vehicle because they had not charged us enough on the journey.

Join us in closing this business with the honesty! I had a mistake with this firm. I got an e-mail an hour later with the text "f*ck you c*nt, don't call us anymore. "Unnecessary to say, this firm is a gag. You cited two different fares for a trip to Hobby, so I phoned Disposition # when I came to the airport to verify that I was billed the fare I had approved.

He must have gotten up with the false side of the beds or was still getting plastered by a sleeper because he was extreme impolite and incompetent, even cursed me and told me to use someone else if I didn't trust him. There were no problems with the rider, who was quick and professionally, but the evil, impolite old man who was in Charge of Shipping, I think his name is Mike, is a complete idiot and doesn't merit connecting with the general community, let alone being a client support agent.

Try to stay away from this business. Your company's face (voice) is an non-professional yeahoo and there are much better service out there. Well, the clerk's very impolite. Drivers phoned too late asking for a number. And he was also impolite and non-professional. There was a pick-up receipt sent by e-mail and a call was made for security reasons.

There'?s no response on the telephone. I' m just calling to get a quotation for transport from the airport to Galveston. They informed me that this is a large enterprise and the best tariff. The man picks up the telephone and....

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