Luxury Boeing Private Jets

Boeing luxury private jets

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Most luxurious Boeing business jet in the world

At the Abu Dhabi Air Expo last weekend I was asked to take a trip with the most luxurious Boeing business jet in the world. Arriving at the Private BBJ, I passed the corridor to the central area. There are 8 seated areas in the master lounges with 2 large tables for eating or meeting, each of which can be converted into a full-size bed.

This BBJ is a luxurious creation by Doret Desig. A further 8 seating places are located behind the central lounges, which can also be converted into a completely level area. In the back part of the BBJ, there are a further 18 luxury savings spaces offering extra space for the surrounding area. Probably the most stunning thing about the BBJ is this private room with a queen-size berth and private bath.

So, perhaps you are interested in figuring out the costs and figures? This luxurious BBJ costs over $100 million. This BBJ costs approximately $12,000-15,000 per class per h rs to be chartered. So I hope to be able to fly the BBJ when the occasion arises.

Did you ever fly a BBJ or a private plane?

Interior view of the world's only privately owned Boeing 787 Dreamliner

There is only one private Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the whole wide range, the remainder is run by the big airlines. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner belongs to UAS International Trip Support, which own and operate the luxury Dream Jets worldwide. The special Boeing 787 Dreamliner was on show at the Dubai Air Show 2017, and travel/aviation YouTube celebrity Sam Chui had the chance to see it and see how the richest humans on the globe can travel:

Sometimes I choose to remain in the darkness, how luxury and kind the affluent élite has it travelling. I am a little bit relief in this case to know that there are those out there who can go without the hardship that the whole of us are experiencing when we have to get on a flight.

They enter this private Boeing 787 Dreamliner and from then on it is nothing but ultimative luxury. With 18 low back front and 6 extra Superior Economy servant seating, I'm amazed that a private plane has servant accommodation because I can't even lose my head about having a servant travelling with you.

If you want to see more, you can visit a full VVIP Jet Private Boeing 787 VVIP route on Sam Chui's website.

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