Local Minicab number

Minicab Local Number

At Northolt Minicabs we offer taxi and minicab services in your area. Lewisham, Bexleyheath, Eltham & Greenwich for taxis & airport transfers.

Quicker pick-ups

Our full vehicle fleet includes a first class local minicab fleet, luxury exclusive event executives and multi-seater cars that can carry up to 8 people and baggage in a comfortable and stylish way. Our company accepts all common types of bank and charge card and also offers a commercial accounts department at very reasonable prices.

There is a prioritized corporate bank for businesses and corporate bodies of any size.

Pine Minicab

All year round we are on duty around the clock and offer a guarantee for all pre-bookings of minicabs. This is the most dependable and inexpensive minicab and international transfers in E14. Would you like to go grocery shopping with your loved ones? We' ll come get you and bring you back or go for a full days stroll.

No matter if in the centre of London or in your local grocery store, we offer a full range of services. We will be happy to meet you at your London hotels or train stations and take you anywhere, and when you are prepared to go home, we will be there to take you back to London.

For your arrival and departure to your guesthouse or another location we calculate a fix price.

Northernolt Minicabs - Local Taxis, Minicabs and Airport Transfers

Northolt Minicabs riders have a thorough understanding of local conditions. Wherever you go, our chauffeurs know the best routes to get you there in good shape. Northolt Minicabs can offer you a Meet-and-Greet facility if you are looking for higher levels of customer intimacy.

Awaiting you, our drivers will make sure that your trip is a pleasurable one.

Hornschurch MiniCabs - Your local MiniCabs - Call 01708 700 000 000

Hornchurch MiniCabs have office space for all your salon, station wagon, 6-seater, passengers and package needs in the heart of Hornchurch's High Street. MOONKEY effective until 30 September 18, saving yourself a few ££££ and use it before it is gone. Are you a Minicab rider, click here.

DO NOT CODE - we do not add any fees for payment by bank or direct debiting cards - our prices are the same for payment in either bank or post. CHILDREN'S DECLARATION - we have informed our riders about the plates to look for - this police brochure is very interesting and will hopefully draw your attention to it[read more].

Testimonials - currently we have received 1,253 testimonials from our real clients - this currently shows a level of 95.3% or 4.8/5.0 Satisfaction [ mehr lesen].

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