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PrivateFly's second most popular global destination is Paris, followed by Los Angeles, which also receives the most popular US destination award. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple and expand your horizons by chartering a private jet from New York to one of the top five business jet destinations. Offering private air charter services to various destinations, including New York and Miami.

Seven of the world's most famous private jet destinations

When you have daydreams about the best private jet adventure, you can imagine all your thrilling destinations. Privatjets are known for taking celebrity customers to a variety of luxury locations that offer a comforting and enjoyable adventure. In times when even the first grade feel like steamage, there is really only one way to fly comfortably: chartering an aircraft.

No matter if you fly to a company get-together or start your next holiday, private jet aircraft open up a multitude of opportunities. In order to get your next route inspired, here are some of the most important destinations for private jet travel today. As Knight Frank's worldwide property advisors explored the world's most beloved private jet destinations, a truly Europe-based location was the clear favourite:

While the most travelled private jet was between Moscow and Nice, the quickest to grow was Nice. In particular private jet rentals between New York City and Nice. It'?s New York, New York, New York: CNN reports that 60% of those who rent a jet will take off and arrive within the United States' boundaries.

If they do, they'll most likely end up in New York City. The Miami to New York is the most beloved itinerary ( and the second most beloved in the whole wide range ), but also New York City travellers start from West Palm Beach, London, Los Angeles and Houston. Whether for private or commercial reasons, New York City is still one of the top destinations in the entirety.

For years, this busy town has been one of the most favourite destinations for private jets. It' also the most beloved target for corporate conferences as it offers small benefits for the medium sized networker. Monaco, Monte Carlo: Monaco is known for its breathtaking coast and enchanting cultural heritage and is another favourite centre for luxurious travellers.

Nassau, one of the most beloved destinations for holidays in the tropics, is the place to relax and pamper yourself. No matter whether you book a seafront guesthouse or an all-inclusive resorts, your guests will often come in a private plane and enjoy this comfort throughout the itinerary. Imagine wandering in the beautiful sunshine of Nice, doing business in New York City or spending luxury night in Dubai, it's your turn to order your private jet subscription.

Jet charters will allow you to choose your favorite airports, prevent congested safety lanes and personalize your flying experiences. Perhaps you will even get there faster, as private planes can travel higher than the 35,000-foot altitude permitted by airline companies. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to rent a jet and start your trip.

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