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The HolidayJet was a short-lived brand name of the Swiss airline Germania Flug in cooperation with the Swiss tourism company Hotelplan for flights to leisure destinations. Booking your holiday in Jet in Oklahoma today with Expedia! content The HolidayJet was a short-lived brandname of the Germania Flug air carrier in Switzerland in co-operation with the Hotelplan, a hotel plan for trips to recreational areas. The HolidayJet was developed at the beginning of 2015 as a holiday flight mark. From Zurich Airport[3], Germania Flug was operating 18 regular services for one tourist seasons.

HolidayJet discontinued its co-operation with Germania Flug in November 2015.

In the meantime the trademark has been given up, while Germania Flug is operating several of the former HolidayJet destinations under its own name. IATA - Airline and Airport Code Search. Brought back on April 11, 2015. HolidayJet, the startup in Switzerland, sketches the starting schedules. ch-aviation. Returned on August 23, 2015. HolidayJet. Returned on August 23, 2015.

HolidayJet - Chaviation. Returned on August 23, 2015.

vacation jet

This declaration was made by Germania on 20 December 2017: The Zurich Trade Tribunal rejected Germania Flug AG's claim against Hotelplan on 28 November 2017. Now Germania has lodged an appeal against this decision with the Federal Supreme Administrative Tribunal in Lausanne. The Germania does not agree with the view of the Handelsgericht.

The conspicuously short judgment shows, however, that several facts and arguments put forward by Germania were inadequately recognised by the Handelsgericht. Now Germania has submitted the ruling to the next higher instance for examination and is confident that the Federal Supreme Court will take all briefs into account in its ruling.

In August 2014, the carrier was established in collaboration with the Deutsche Fluggesellschaft Germania[4], which also lends its logo, and the Schweizer Freizeitgesellschaft Hotelplan with the goal of operating recreational charters under the Holiday Jet name. After its maiden voyage on 26 March 2015 for summers 2015 and 2015/2016, Germania Flug from Zurich to 17 recreational attractions in Europe and North Africa.

From November 2015, however, Germania Flug discontinued its cooperation with HolidayJet and has since been operating exclusively under its own name. Photo copyright: Holiday Jet (Germany) Airbus A319-111 HB-JOH (msn 3589) ZRH (Rolf Wallner). The Germania Flug AG (Holiday Jet) (Switzerland) (Zurich) has taken over its first Airbus A321. This Airbus A321-211 HB-JOI (msn 5843, ex D-ASTD) was supplied on 21 October by the mother company Germania (Berlin-Schonefeld).

This new model was put into operation from Zurich and Geneva to Pristina, Kosovo and Skopje for Air Prishtina after ch-aviation on 25 October this year. The Airbus A321-211 HB-JOI is preparing for its launch in Zurich with the new airworthiness certification and flags. The Germania Flug (Switzerland) airplane slideshow: The Holiday Jet (Zurich) is the name of the new Germania (Berlin) and Hotelplan partnership.

Germania founded a subsidiary in Zurich, Switzerland, in August 2014. Germania and Hotelplan jointly started operation of two 150-seater Airbus A 319s from March 2015 in September 2014. In September 2014, the new carrier filed for its own AOC. Commissioning is planned for 26 March.

Germania will be operating the Airbus A319 for HolidayJet from Zurich to Antalya (starting 26 March), Corfu (2 June), Crete (3 May) according to timetables posted on the website, Djerba (30 March), Hurghada (26 March), Kos (9 May), Mykonos (22 May), Rhodes (3 May), Santorini (22 May), Sharm el-Sheikh (30 March), Zakinthos (2 June), Cyprus (28 March), Dalaman (22 May), Djerba (30 March).

HolidayJet. A minimum of one A 319 will be lacquered in HolidayJet colours. Germania cabin attendant.

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