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London Grill, Lagoon & Echo at Cinnamon Grand and Royal Thai and Long Feng at Cinnamon Lakeside are the five best dining establishments that make up the top end of Colombo's cuisine. At Cinnamon Grand, Echo is an authentic living authentical Italian dining establishment with a selection of more than 15 pastille free antipasti choices at its everyday breakfast menu.

Cinnamon Grand's London barbecue with its old-fashioned, vintage ambience, open show room and lively grand pianist creates the perfect conditions for a gastronomic feast like no other. The Long Feng at Cinnamon Lakeside leads guests into the old China's heartland with a meal that runs the length and width of the East.

The Royal Thai at Cinnamon Lakeside is full of tropical flavour. Bold experimentation by the Thai chef in combination with home dinning rooms, niches and cinnamon-scented fresh breezes confirm his claim to be the best Thai food in Colombo!

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