New York Helicopter Company

The New York Helicopter Company

Chopper company behind the fatal East River plane crash sells illicit flights. The battered chocolate touring company FlyNYON is still reselling its characteristic "doors off" planes - although they were made illegally after one of them ended in an East River crash that left five people dead. Exciting travellers who had previously reserved the instant travel, tell the post office that they were denied a refund, some of them postponed to cheap travel with no refund.

"They basically let their clients foot the bill for their mistakes," said California traveler Paige Asachika, who on March 23 payed $464 for two airline tickets on a doors-off plane, but was instead shoved into a doors-on plane that cost $99 per place. FlyNYON's tent flying is a process in which travellers are buckled into belts so that they can be seated in the open helicopter door.

However, the Federal Aviation Administration prohibited such flight with hard-to-reach "additional occupant safety systems" after one of the company's copiers went down on March 11 and all five occupants died when they could not free themselves. Currently, the only way for business operators to conduct door-to-door air travel with the specific seat belts is to turn to the FAA and demonstrate that their shackles "can be quickly cleared by a traveller with minimum difficulty," the agent said in a March 22 announcement.

They need a full facelift of these wiring looms and then testing," said Justin Green, a Manhattan based Kreindler Aerospace Partnership associate who is a former Marine helicopter driver. However, you wouldn't know if you looked at the FlyNYON website where The Post could make a doors-off booking for March 31 without mentioning the outlaw.

Our online community is flooded with angry clients wondering why they still haven't gotten a refund for cancelled tickets. We will resume our flight soon", the company said in a written reply, and "door-to-door flight was not banned" - a formality that disregards the fact that FlyNYON's cable harness flight is not only prohibited, but the cause of the prohibition.

Scots traveler Caroline Easton has unsuccessful to get a payment for her conceived Doors-off travel on April 2, but the institution repeated to her that she anticipated these travel faculty be locomotion by point again, and if not, she may get a approval for a commodity travel. "A later date is useless for me because I won't be in New York anymore to use it," she said to the company in an e-mail.

FlyNYON volunteered to give her a full reimbursement after one weeks back and forth - if the plane didn't fly on April 2nd. "The company is continuing to fully collaborate with all federal authorities in the investigations into the March 11 tragedy," it said in a declaration.

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