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It was Nigulya Ismaylova who shared the post of Uber Azerbaijan - in Uber Baku. Alert to future visitors of Azerbaijan: Now UBER is in Baku. Good tidings for travelers are that the UBER services are now offered in Baku, taxi rates are now 10 x less than before and the services are becoming more and more attractive to both local and international people. It' cheap to explore Baku by train or train.

The only available feature at this time is Uber Black (http://blog.uber.com/uberbaki), which only registers car holders of BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars. However, the fares are surprisingly good for Baku, which many years before was infamous for sky-high taxi fares. Among the causes of the rapid growth in demand is a drastic drop in taxi fares.

So for example, before you hire a taxi to collect you at an adress that costs 2 manats ($1.5), now it only costs AZN0.55 (30 cents), the charge per mile is now lowered from AZN0.90 to AZN0.34, for every single minutes of travel - from AZN0.20 to AZN0.02.

Also, the ticket price must be paid by your bank account, so that you will not have to argue with the driver who used to raise the price for you. Below are samples of favorite travel directions and rates. Baku residents: The journey from the "28Mall" mall to the Inshaatchilar metro costs 2-4 men; from Park Bulvar to Axmedli / Neftchilar metro stations:

From the Old Town (Qosha Galapunkt) to the Hilton Hotel 1-2 AD. From Port Baku to Caspian Plaza 1-3 APN for international businessmen. As of today (10 March 2016) they have also implemented a new fare for travel to/from the airports to/from/from any part of the town - 7 ACN. Uber's key performance driver, according to the firm, is its effectiveness.

Uber has significantly increased the number of drivers in the system and reduced the mean journey times from 8 to 5 min since the start of the Baku operation. System efficiency will create extra resource that could be used to further develop the company in the cities by attract more people and offer lower pricing.

"Because of the flow of new user, the Uber riders in Baku are provided with a large number of orders that enable them to keep an adequate revenue level", - insured services-administers. Baku is now the cheapest way to get around the cashless town.

ABOUT user can estimate the travel costs before starting directly through the application. That makes a significant contribution to the convenience and security of the services. A new user can use a promotion code named BaKU1LOVE (until April 30, 2016) and get a free first run for up to 10 Amps.

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